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Have you ever wondered why people are advertising products on Amazon or other platforms? Well, here’s why.It’s a digital age where the internet has simplified and revolutionized commerce. Today, you can buy, sell and market sitting anywhere across the globe using it. This simplification and revolution have opened a world of opportunities for all – whether old, new, big or small entrepreneurs. Though the medium of doing business has become virtual, the basics of business still hold true. You need a marketplace, you need to understand the demand for your products and you need to make people aware of your presence.

It is hard to make your own space in the online world especially if you are new, but using the platform of an established name makes the journey easier. Amazon is one such established name, which offers its platform to let all the established and budding entrepreneurs sell their products. If you want to target audience in a specific country –let’s say India – then you can find Amazon ads India.

You can even hire the services of a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, Delhi or other cities to design ads for your products. Here are a few useful ways of advertising products on Amazon.

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Optimize Product Listings

Shoppers on Amazon are spoiled for choices. There are many similar products listed there like yours. So, to engage a customer on your page, you need to optimize it properly.

Use Appropriate Titles

The titles used in your ads should clearly describe the item to your customers. It should also have other specific details like the brand and purpose. All this should be done in a crisp and concise manner. Going with long titles can make the customers lose interest in it and they will simply move on.

Quality Images Are Important

The products that you have advertised on Amazon should have clear and high-quality images. There should be one main image with zooming and some additional images of the product taken from different angles. These images need to be of high pixel quality and should cover the product from all angles.

Provide Relevant Product Description

Seeing the images alone don’t suffice the purpose. The customer would want to know more details about the product. If the product is apparel, then you can probably include details like the type of material used, a proper size chart so that they pick the right size and washing instructions. All the relevant information should be there and that should be in a crisp and easy-to-read mode. Any digital marketing agency in Bangalore, Mumbai or anywhere would have professionals who write apt descriptions keeping the audience engagement in mind.

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Add Bullets to Elevate Your Pitch

Before the customers even scroll further, they would want the companies to answer some of their queries right away. Adding bullet points in your Amazon ads India to answer those questions like the warranty on the product will encourage people to stay on skim through the entire ad. These bullet points covering the natural queries of the customers give them the trust that you care for them and have done your homework well.

Send Traffic to Amazon

Amazon is a crowded marketplace and to make yourself visible you need to promote your listings. Make use of social platform ads like Facebook and Google to drive potential customers to view your products on Amazon. The ads used should have high-quality images of the products you have listed on Amazon and links to the listings.


Amazon has pan-India reach. Any entrepreneur even from the remotest area can advertise its products on this comprehensive and most popular marketplace. It is a vast platform, which provides 11 marketplaces worldwide, listing more than 3 billion products. In India alone, there are 3-lakh sellers that have listed their products on it. It requires a lot of planning and the right way of advertising products on Amazon to make your product visible in such a huge crowd. Having your products registered on a reliable and trusted marketplace like Amazon has numerous benefits.

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Instead of launching your product online on your own, it is always better to use a known and trusted the name like Amazon. It helps in making your mark and for a newbie, it is good to test the waters before plunging into it full on.  The above-discussed ways of advertising will definitely help in enhancing the visibility of your product on Amazon.

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