5 tips to keep your hair less oily


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A good hair day is all we want. Every girl on this earth has this dream of having nice silky hair which can enhance their beautiful selfies all day long. Maintaining hair with that much care is really a tough task as our hair goes in contact with pollution and air on daily basis. It is a tendency that hair turns out to be oily and polluted, thereafter, it is very difficult to take proper initiative for hair treatments. The season itself is getting sticky as weather has so many components to make hair go oily and dusty.

Wooaah! The confidence in your personality is all about your looks and that too the most appropriate one. We shall not lose your confident as, a bad hair day ruins the personality and makes you look dull and down.

5 tips to keep hair less oily

  1. Use of Dry Shampoo: Instead of washing it regularly with a shampoo, try using a dry shampoo as it will not harm your hair and will make it more lustrous and less or no oily. Washing hair on a daily basis affects hair more often and contains oil thereafter. Also, hair gets affected with pollution, dust, and unwanted particles in air. Dry shampoo contains a solution which transforms oily hair into dry and normal one immediately after a spray. You can get great discount on hair products online using Nykaa Coupon Code.
  1. Avoid junk food: Maximum problems in our daily life are because of high consumption of junk food. Be it obesity, skin problems, acne or any other issues, eating junk food is not less than a person committing sin. Especially for hair, junk food is as harmful as any chemical applied on it. Hair gets oilier after eating such types of food. Try avoiding junk food to make hair remain healthy and full of volume.
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  1. Make your good hair day with Messy Bun: Yes ladies! Go for this trendy look which says messy hair bun as it will overcome your messy life and will engross your hair beautifully hence, turn out to be a good hair day. The texture of hair has nothing to do with bun in fact it gives hair the heavier look for those who are low at density. Buns to the girls are most friendly hair do because it goes with all the dresses whether it’s an ethnic wear or a casual western wear. Oily hair can stay over messy bun and not let your look feel down but makes you look pretty and confident.

  1. Avoid chemical/electronic appliances: Using more of chemical or electronic items like dryers and straightners does harm to the hair. Whenever each strand gets into contact with electrical appliance, the damage starts getting affected. Instead of applying chemical onto your hair, start using some natural remedies to hair so that it can overcome the damage and transform your hair to more bouncy and shiny one.
  1. Do not Over Brush: Excess of everything is bad, so is the brushing onto your hair. Over brushing to scalp distributes the oil to various other pores thus making it oilier than normal. Scalp produces its own natural oils which are useful to the hair but over brushing hair makes it distribute oil and hence making hair oily and sticky. Moreover if you are looking for Tata Motors recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it
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In the world of rat race, people do not get time to manage things and themselves. Little awareness about their personality can do wonders. Whether your hair are oily from the beginning or not, the upcoming weather can make it look messy and damp because the air which we breathe is also impure like other environmental issues. The above tips can be of a great help for your hair to look presentable, shiny and gorgeously amazing. Specially, summers bring lot of sweat and stickiness to the body and ultimately makes it greasy. Consumption of adequate water keeps away unwanted oil from the body, hence making it naturally lustrous.

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