5 Surprising Causes of Obesity and How to Overcome them


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Unsurprisingly, obesity has become a major condition for the last two decades. One of the major reasons for obesity is the changing lifestyle and erratic schedules the world has adopted in the recent past. 

According to a study published by WHO in 2016, since 1975, the worldwide obesity has tripled.  It went on to observe that nearly 40% of the world’s adult population was overweight and 13% was obese. 

What is more alarming is the rise in obesity among children. The study noted that over 340 million adolescents and children (ages between 5 and 19) and 41 million children (under the age of 5) were overweight or obese. 

Apart from lack of physical activity and consuming excess food, here we bring you few causes of obesity that you might not have considered earlier.

Don’t blame you genes; act today

A significant factor contributing towards obesity is the genes. Hormonal issues amongst parents are likely to pass on to the children. However, letting your genes have control over your body is the worst you can do to yourself. 

How do we deal with this? Even though genes are a contribution factor, it also comes down to what and how much you eat. Change your eating habits and indulge in physical activities thrice a week at the least. You will start noticing your body accommodating these changes.

Food as a coping mechanism

Many a times, people turn to food to deal with stress, anxiety or depression. It is okay to curl up on your sofa and enjoy your comfort food when you are too stressed once in a while but making it an everyday affair is not a good sign. 

 Food as a coping mechanism

This is a major cause of obesity, especially among working professionals who usually lead a sedentary lifestyle. Instead of using food as a coping mechanism, going for a run or hitting the gym burns off the stress and calories. Combined with mindful eating, you will have melted the excess fat within a matter of months. 

Bad influence and misinformation 

Spreading wrong information has become common in the current age and it is children and young adults who are falling victim to this.   

Companies that produce junk food claim it to be healthy when in truth it is anything but. For example, a company markets an orange juice claiming it to be made from real oranges. But upon closer look at the ingredients on the packaging, it is clearly written that the juice has only orange flavouring that too at a very negligible percentage. This is a clever marketing gimmick even adults will fall for. Do not buy such products.

Ensure that your children eat homemade food that is healthy and fresh. Talk to them often about the risks of eating junk food and being a couch potato. This will make them aware and drive home the point. 

Similarly, parents who overeat or constantly indulge in junk food have a major influence on their children. For example, if parents resort to eating junk food often, their children will be convinced that it’s absolutely okay to eat unhealthy and high fat food often. If you are that parent, change your habits for the wellness of your family. If you are that child, talk to your parents, ditch the junk food and make healthier choices. After all this is a team work. 

Insulin and Leptin resistance 

Insulin plays a key role in controlling the blood’s glucose level, storing and regulating energy. When an obese or overweight person follows western diet, it causes insulin resistance. This causes your body’s energy to be stored as fat cells and be unavailable for your body to use.

The best way to lower your blood glucose level is to cut simple carbohydrates from your diet and include fibre rich foods. This simple step will also promote weight loss.  

Leptin and obesity goes hand in hand. Fat cells produce this hormone and when the fat mass is high, Leptin levels in the blood increase.  People with obesity are known to have higher level of Leptin. 

If a person’s Leptin hormone is healthy, it signals the brain to stop eating when the stomach is full. However, when a person is Leptin resistant, the signal does not reach the brain. This leads to overeating which in-turn leads to obesity. 

If you think you are Leptin resistant, visit your doctor immediately for treatment.



Pharmaceutical drugs usually have side effects and weight gain is one of them. Antidepressants are a classic example of this. These medicines mess with your brain and body by increasing your appetite and lowering your metabolism. 

If you are experiencing such side effects talk to your doctor. 

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