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Search engine optimisation or SEO is a practice that aims to improve the search engine ranking of a website. In an age where many people spend most of their time online, SEO gives businesses an edge by making their website more visible to potential customers, improving the website’s engagement, traffic, and conversion rates.

While SEO has a seemingly simple goal, it also requires continuous work and research, technical knowledge, and the use of particular tools. Many businesses find it more advantageous to outsource their search engine optimisation efforts to agencies that focus on this specialised work instead of hiring an in-house SEO specialist. This option ensures that SEO campaigns are executed properly and continuously at a more affordable cost. As such, it isn’t uncommon for companies to form meaningful partnerships with SEO agencies in Perth even if the business is located in a different part of the country or on the other side of the world.

What services can an SEO agency offer companies? Here are just a few:

  1. SEO Audit
    SEO audit refers to evaluating a website’s search-friendliness. This process reveals the overall traffic of the website and its individual pages. An SEO audit typically has 4 aspects: technical, on-page, off-page, and competitive analysis. The first step, technical analysis looks into how accessible the website is to users and if the pages can be indexed by Google. On-page analysis looks at the content issues of the website and its individual pages. Off-page analysis is concerned with off-page ranking factors such as the website content’s popularity with readers and other websites. Finally, competitive analysis, which is connected to keyword research, looks into how easy or difficult it is to rank for certain keywords and the traffic each keyword generates.
  2. On-page Technical SEO
    On-page technical SEO or on-page optimisation refers to the practice of optimising individual website pages so that they can rank higher for certain keywords and attract more traffic relevant to the business of the website. It is concerned with both the content of the page as well as its HTML source code. Among the elements that are typically optimised during on-page optimisation are the internal links, alt and title tags, and header tags.
  3. Link Building
    In summary, link building refers to the practice of getting other websites to link back to the company’s website. This tactic is needed because search engines see a website that is referenced by other websites as worthy of citation and therefore a credible source of information. This means that websites with higher backlinks tend to earn higher rankings.
  4. Local SEO
    Local SEO is a service that offers plenty of benefits to small- to mid-sized businesses, particularly those that rely on their brick-and-mortar shop as their primary sales channel. This service pertains to optimising the website to become more visible to an audience that is located in the same geographical area as the business. Local SEO techniques help make the business visible if a user searches for services or products in a specific area or location. There are plenty of ways to ensure that a website has a good chance of showing up in place-based results and queries. These include updating the business’s Google My Business listing, choosing the right keywords, and sometimes even using traditional advertising methods like word of mouth.
  5. Penalty Recovery
    A penalty is caused by a change in the ranking algorithms or a manual action awarded by a human viewer employed by a search engine company. A website that has been awarded a penalty experiences a drop in organic rankings. Receiving a penalty can be a worrisome prospect, but penalised websites can still bounce back. An SEO agency helps by removing and correcting the actions that caused the penalty in the first place.
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There are many ways that search engine optimisation can help a business remain visible to its online audience. By partnering with a reliable SEO agency, a business ensures that its website has a solid foundation and that its online presence will continue to match the needs of its intended viewers.

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