5 Reasons You Should Thank Your Mom Especially In Lockdown


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We all always had that one person next to us who wanted to do all the best in the world that we can. And now it is time to thank no one else but your mother. There are many occasions that come in our life when your mother’s sister is strong and next to us they support us, guide us and they are there for us any time we want them. And there are many occasions when we forget thanking mothers. So now that you got a whole lockdown period you can thank you, mother, for doing everything that she could, but especially for these particular five reasons. And of course, when you are saying thanks cake delivery in Bangalore will come in handy to help you do that. Or if you are a good baker then you can bake it at home. But let’s check out first why you should thank your mother. 

At this particular point in time, I’ll also say that their world isn’t long and wide. Rather their world is surrounded all of us even though they are working all the time all they are thinking about is their family and done all this then start neglecting themselves and make you the center of attention somebody is giving you everything that they can, it is your sworn duty to not just thank her, but help her in achieving whatever things we can. It doesn’t matter if you say a thank you with flowers and cake or a simple hug. What matters is that you are thankful for whatever she did. All she needs is a little appreciation and gratitude from you. 

1) For Waking you Up Early to Exercise 

We all know that on particular occasions like Sundays and weekends we all sleep late and if somebody disturbs us it fills us with an irk that we just want to smash them right there and then. but you cannot say that you are kind of angry thankful to your mother for this particular reason that even during this lock now she is there next to you waiting for you up early in the morning so that you can do your exercise boost your immunity and also support your health in the meanwhile and not just eating lots of carbs and fats. Although when you are telling her thanks you better order a birthday cake of her favorite flavor to celebrate. And I know it well that when she wakes you up you will feel irritated but when this lockdown is over nobody else but you would be the one most thankful to her for helping your health goals. 

2) Letting you Invade her Kitchen, but Making you Clean it. 

Well as the time is proceeding in this lockdown the master chefs out of all of us are coming out. And most of our generation would make up for nothing but pathetic chefs who would spoil the kitchen in one dish itself.  And after cooking just one dish it would take your mother hours to clean it. This time is thankful to your mother for letting you invade her kitchen but also teaching you the value So before your mother comes in and tells you to clean the kitchen, it is your duty that when if you are cooking something you better leave the kitchen clean after that so that your mother doesn’t have to take too many troubles and she can relax too during the lockdown. You can order birthday flowers or any other flowers too that your mother loves as thanks to her. 

3) For Being your Best Friend and Motivator 

If it is somebody with whom we share a close bond then either it is with our father or it is with our mother. What if you are also in my category where you share a really special bond with your mother that you like doing most of the things in your life with her and she is the first person to know about anything and everything that happens in your life then this is the time to thank her during this lockdown. There are various ways of thanking her you could decorate the house cleaning rearrange things to give her a manicure-pedicure facial and all the activities that you and your mother love doing together you can do with her during this time, after all, we don’t know how much we all would have to work again. Like you have always sent flowers to others you can buy them for your mother’s too. 

4)  Cooking Something Delicious

We all know that our mother loves to pamper us even when it is torturous in the morning to get up and do exercise. This time you especially have to thank you, mother, because she loves you so much that she has prepared everything and anything that you wanted to eat for so long and you couldn’t eat it because of some of the other reasons. Maybe you were busy with work, maybe you were not in the country or the state. But now you are with her and she’s preparing all your favorites. So now I can buy flowers online and thank her for doing so for you. Ideally, a great way of thinking that I use is cooking something for her that’s her favorite. 

5) For Pampering you Continuously 

Remember the times when you made a video call from the shopping mall washroom, just to check if the outfit did look good on you or not? Well, that one call was obviously to our mothers whom we all love and adore. And that’s why this time in the lockdown you must thank her for pampering you continuously. 

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