5 Reasons to Attend a Christian College


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Choosing the right college is probably one of the most stressful experience asked of young adults and is perhaps even more overwhelming for Christian students. Many Christian students find it important that their future alma mater not only provide an excellent program for their desired field of study but to also align and be compatible with their spiritual beliefs. Whether a student is looking to attend a Christian university’s campus or solely take online classes, there are several vital benefits of choosing to study at an online Christian university. Many of the great Christian universities follow similar teaching models, so students need only pick the school that works best for them!

  • Attending a Christian university allows students to apply the Christian worldview that they’ve been cultivating all of their lives to their chosen major. No matter what a student chooses to pursue, they will be able to approach it with a belief system that is important to them.
  • Christian based institutions provide their students with opportunities to give back to others and serve in the communities surrounding the college or university. Most Christian universities have a commitment to community service deeply rooted in their school. Loving others as you would want to be loved is a fundamental Christian teaching and many universities seek to encourage this behaviour.
  • While many Christian institutions are small and private, and thus overall a more expensive education experience, they also tend to offer more varied types of financial assistance for their students. These universities also boast strong alumni networks so that students are in better positions to find jobs after they graduate.
  • One of the most important things needed for a student to experience a well-rounded campus life is a strong sense of community. The small size of many Christian colleges and universities often leads to smaller and more intimate class sizes. Such intimate classes make it easier for students to interact with each other and professors.
  • Arguably, the most important reason to attend a Christian college is the opportunity it affords its students to strengthen their faith. By attending classes that are focused on providing a bible-centric worldview as well as interacting with other, like-minded people on a daily basis, Christian students will deepen their faith and love for their religion.

No matter which Christian university or college a student chooses to attend, they are guaranteed to feel enriched by the environment they have chosen to further their education in.

Summary – Choosing which college to attend is a big decision for many young adults, but there are several important benefits to attending a Christian university.

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