5 Powerful Lawyers Networking Tips To Build Strong Connections


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As an attorney, you cannot work in isolation and need to develop relationships with your peers, clients and other professionals. Here are some powerful lawyer networking tips which will help you in making fruitful connections. Networking is essential for building a strong user base to sustain your practice. Associating with attorneys in your practice area as well as those in other fields can provide you with new opportunities. Meeting new people can help you in building not only local associations but even in fostering an international law network. However, you need to strategize and look to enhance your networking abilities. Creating a potent mix of insightful knowledge and strong connections will definitely ensure your success.

1. Use Your Law School Alumni To Build Relationships

The friendships made during our student days, more often than not, survive the test of time as compared to other associations. You can begin your networking efforts by connecting with fellow graduates from your law school. Belonging to the same institution can foster a spirit of kinship among people. You can use this emotional factor to create professional working relationships. Many institutions hold networking events so that their current students can connect with the alumni. Attend such gatherings to connect with other professionals. This will allow you to expand your network to various parts of the country.

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2. Create An Effective Strategy For Networking

Most attorneys treat networking as a secondary activity which they can do in their spare time. Just like you have a plan to develop your firm’s business, you need to have a strategy to build strong connections. Start by setting a goal for the initiative. For instance, a new practitioner will look to find more clients. On the other hand, an established firm entering a new practice area will like to create a strong presence in the new field. Once you have identified your objective, devise a strategy to achieve it. You can decide to attend a specific number of events. Then you can fix a target of meeting five new people and exchanging contact information with them.

3. Research Your Audience Before Meeting Them

When you decide to attend an event or social gathering where you expect to meet new people, try to research them beforehand. You may find this lawyer networking tip a bit confusing. When you do not know who you are going to meet, how can you research them? Most of the time, at formal events you know who your fellow attendees are going to be. Make sure you know the necessary details about them and their organizations. Try to find out the latest news about them. When the audience belongs to other countries, make sure to know about their cultural sensitivities. All this information will help you in making engaging conversations that will act as starting points for building connections.

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4. Create An Interesting Introduction

You must have heard the quote, the first impression is the last impression. Make sure you create a strong one on people by introducing yourself in a unique manner. Try to arouse the curiosity of the other person about your work through the introduction. Let’s say you are a startup lawyer. Then instead of a plain “I am a startup lawyer at XYZ firm”, you can use “I take care of all legal issues of tech startups so that they can focus only on their innovations”. This kind of opening sentence will tell everything about your practice to the audience and they will be interested in knowing more.

5. Make It A Part Of Your Lifestyle

Networking should not be restricted only to events and social gatherings. Make it a part of your lifestyle and try to build relationships with professionals wherever you meet them. This does not mean that you should be using a self-promotional tone all the time. There is a fine line between overt self-promotion and offering genuine value to the other person. Make sure you try to build a connection only if the other person is interested in interacting with you. This will expand your social circle and expose you to a wide variety of people who can help further your practice.

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Fostering connections with diverse professionals will enable you to help clients and other people in numerous ways. This will be pivotal in creating your image as an efficient problem-solver. Use the lawyer networking tips discussed here to build strong connections which will ultimately help you in achieving success.

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