5 Nature-Inspired Edible Art Ideas You Must Give a Try

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Food, cloth, shelter, medicine – nature has got everything that nurtures and sustains life. At Icinginks, we believe nature is a good teacher along with a caring mother and, surprisingly, both at the same time. Elements and phenomena of nature can be a source of inspirational edible art ideas. Here are the best 5 nature-inspired edible art theme that are worth getting a try.

  • Birds on Tree Limb Cake Topper

Listening to the chirping of birds is a peaceful soothing experience. Creative people always try to make the best of this lovable experience. 

Create a cake topper with birds. Selection of fondant ingredients and process of making the dough out of them is extremely important. You should balance the hardness and softness so that you can shape the birds and their minute body parts along with tree limbs with perfection. Once the shaping is done, choose the right color to paint your cake topper. 

Birds on Tree Limb Cake Topper

Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/241083386274580214/?lp=true

  • Floral Cake Topper

Floral Cake Topper

Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/37014028162586467/?lp=true

Imagine a world without flowers. Imagine a function without flowers. Sounds difficult? Flowers are the most beautiful natural gift to us. Floral cake topper is a timeless edible art idea and are favorite of all, irrespective of ages. 

You can target a flower type or use multiple flower species depending upon your choice and how creative you are. Create them using the fondant itself. Augment the design using flexible printed sheet. You can cut them using scissors, blade or knife and fold them into desired shape. Use the right size of the edible sheet to reduce the wasting of empty paper. The cake above features fine polka dots as well, which look great. 

  • Edible Art with Fish

Nature-Inspired Edible Art Ideas

Image Credit: https://www.etsy.com/listing/629664258/the-big-one-first-birthday-fish-cookies

Fishes are beautiful and, in some traditions, and cultures they are sacred too. Cake toppers or cookies with fish as edible art are selling hot, particularly when it comes to celebration of kid-oriented events. You may need to paint the food items, so make sure you use the right ingredients that absorb the least, otherwise, your colors might spread. Allow the dough to set in for a few minutes to hours. It will also help you to get rid of the extra moisture. Keep some blotting paper handy while you color the fish designs.

  • Cake Topper with Deer Antlers

Cake Topper with Deer Antlers

Image Credit: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0472/7301/products/reefvhbfcnm5wbcasdlr_600x.jpg?v=1552699271

Deer antlers have always fascinated interior designers. In the ancient time, and even in the recent past, this fascination pushed the innocent species on the verge of extinction. Thanks to edible art forms that without being violent you can have that sheer joy of achievement. You may use the fondant material to get the erect structure. Complement the topper surface and the circumference of the cake using other natural elements like leaves, ferns and flowers. Antlers cake topper is perfect for decorating wedding, anniversary or birthday cakes or party cakes. 

  • Leave-Shaped Cookies

Leave-Shaped Cookies

Image Credit: https://blog.imaginechildhood.com/.a/6a0120a765554d970b01b8d241ce29970c-640wi

Scientifically, leaves are the source of food. They carry out photosynthesis or creation of food using natural elements in the presence of sunlight. Hence, the list of edible art ideas won’t get complete without a mention of it. Nature has leaves in multiple patterns. Do some research online to find the inspiration for your cookie. You may need some mould to replicate the design of complex leaves like that of papaya. Nowadays, you can easily buy mould, usually made out of silicone material, and create designer nature inspired-cookies for your loved ones.

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