5 Natural Ways to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction


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Erectile Dysfunction is a common issue affecting middle aged men all over the world. Sometimes it sets in even earlier, leaving men stressed and depressed with their lives. While over the counter medications prescribed by doctors can definitely get things working in the bedroom again, here are some natural ways to overcome this issue. These are some lifestyle changes that you should adopt to improve your sexual health.

Check What you are Eating

Your cardiac health is linked to your sexual health and for men, food that harms your heart, affects your erection as well. Heart attacks are caused due to restriction in blood flow in the coronary arteries. Erectile dysfunction too results from restricted blood flow to the penis. Cut down fatty foods, fried and processed stuff from your diet to reduce the amount of calories and bad cholesterol in your diet which are responsible for blocking the arteries. Eating fresh food teeming with vitamins and minerals help to regulate the blood circulation in the body and also improves the condition of erectile dysfunction. It has been seen that men who lead a healthy life and follow a healthy diet are at a lesser risk of having erectile dysfunction.


To ensure proper blood circulation in the body, it is very necessary to exercise well every day. Lack of exercise, obesity and increase in weight cause the problem of erectile dysfunction. An increase in the waistline is a sign that you are at a risk of having erectile dysfunction. Obesity also leads to irregular blood flow in the arteries. To regulate the blood circulation throughout the body, regular exercise is of utmost importance. It is one of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction and can help to prevent it or cure it. It helps to improve the blood flow and keeps the blood pressure normal by increasing the nitric oxide in the blood vessels. It also helps to produce the male sex hormone testosterone in the body which increases sexual drive and erectile strength.

Relax your Mind

Proper sleeping, relaxing and meditation are important to naturally improve the problem of erectile dysfunction. This is because stress has an immense role to play in causing this disorder in the body. Very often, high levels of stress decrease sexual energy and causes erectile dysfunction in men. This is why doctors advise to take some rest, remove the mental clutter and take a break. It helps to relax the senses the get the body to respond well again. Try and meditate for a few minutes every day in the morning or evening to relieve your mind. You may also try other stress relieving creative or energetic activities that keep you happy.

Follow a Normal Routine

Follow a normal, disciplined lifestyle with proper hours of waking and sleeping needed by the body. The body needs proper hours of rest to function well. Avoid staying up till late in the night and stop irregular sleeping patterns. Poor sleeping patterns heavily contribute to erectile dysfunction. Following improper sleeping patterns may hamper your testosterone production over the days. Start leading a disciplined lifestyle with proper sleeping hours at night to get your body functioning normally again.

Avoid Addictions

All kinds of addictions to caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes can have a great toll on your sexual health. Neither is too much of caffeine good in case of erectile dysfunction nor is excessive smoking and drinking. The blood supply to the penis reduces due to the blockage in the arteries or when they start narrowing down. Smoking contributes to this factor and thus chain smokers are at a greater risk of having ED. Limit your intake or quit them altogether if possible.

Ayurvedic Medicine

You can also use ayurvedic medicine that help to cure erectile dysfunction. There tablet that contain sildenafil citrate Cenforce 200 and one other pill that help in the treatment of Pulmonary hypertension called Fildena that is alternative of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) via safe generic pharmacy without any side effects.

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