5 Myths around Breast Implant Surgery


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The choice of undergoing breast Implant Surgery is one of the common choices of women nowadays. Women choose Breast Implant Surgery to enhance their body appearances in order to achieve desired shapes and sizes. Continuous advancement leads to a reduction in surgical errors, so it has been more common among women. But, despite all the advancements, there are thousands of myths all over the world regarding Breast Implants.

First of all, it is most important to know about, when and why the breast Implant is necessary and how we are able to get it done.

Generally, Breast Implant enhances the body appearance and helpful for all the women who are craving for the desired shape and sizes. But, it is notable that every one of us should undergo Breast Implant Surgery only with the Plastic Surgeons apart from surgery technicians for the best surgery results. Breast Implant Surgery refers to the body contouring process which leads to an increase in shapes and sizes of the female breast as per their desire and wants.

Every surgery has its pros and cons but the main concern for every woman is to get the best results out with their surgery. In the middle of medical advancements, there are thousands of myths as well for Breast Implant Surgery like:

  • Breast Implant Restricts Women to Breastfeed: As the breast implants are placed under or on the breast tissue that completely allows your breast ducts to produce milk and breastfeed.
  • Breasts Look Perfect After Immediate Surgery: No, it is not possible to get perfect curves just right after the surgery, as breast implant surgery healing takes time to subside additional swelling during surgery. Breast Implant Surgery recovery takes a couple of weeks to restore perfect and natural-looking breasts.
  • Surgery Recovery Is Very Painful: No, this is completely wrong. Recovery is very simple and easy. But this should also be noted that the recovery process varies from person to person. Generally, there is a mild pain during surgery which can be managed by prescribed medications.
  • Breast Implant Can Cause Cancer: It is the biggest myth of the century. No, Breast Implant Surgery is 100% safe. Breast Implants are commonly based on Saline or silicone chests which is completely free from any risk of breast cancer.
  • Breast Sensations Never Come: It is very common that sensations in breasts and nipples could be changed post breast implant surgery but the patient has to wait for a few months post-surgery to get the sensation back.

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