5 Important Components of Custom Boxes


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Are you planning to move to another place to live there for a long duration of time? If yes then the biggest worry you have to face is packing and delivering your home appliances and different things to that new place. Handling fragile things during this process can create a lot of hurdles and a great risk of breaking them. The same situation has been faced by various shopkeepers who are dealing with glass equipment, utensils, and ornamental pieces.

The best possible solution to remove these problems is to pack the whole luggage in a sequence using various boxes and then carry these boxes along with you. Custom Boxes are widely used in this regard. These boxes serve as special containers of the products and are designed according to the shape of every product to maintain their balance in them and keep them safe.

However, the main function of custom boxes is for dealers and sellers. They reflect the level of the product they are carrying along with keeping it protected. Candle boxes can help you to understand the benefits of custom boxes. Imagine you have ordered some fancy candles and these are delivered to you without any box packing. Definitely, those candles will never be in their shape, and if they are then they will never leave a good impact on the seller. 

A custom box has some specific components and properties that differentiate it from ordinary boxes. Following are some of the important components that every custom box has.


The first basic component of any custom box is its strength. Just imagine if your box is not able to handle the thing present inside it then it is quite useless. So the strength must be excellent. You might have to put something different inside the boxes. But it never means that you go and ask the manufacturer to design specialized boxes for each of your products according to its weight and diameter.

It should be strong enough to handle the mentioned weight that is written on the side of such boxes. If it didn’t do so then it is useless.


You might think that the function of these boxes is to adjust things in them and protect them, so the design of the box should not be a matter of concern for anyone. But if you are dealing with an online selling business then you can easily describe how important a component the design is. Sending goods to the customers in a rough or oddly designed box will never leave a good impression on them.

So the boxes must be well designed but it never means that they contain illogical designs or have a print of some famous scenarios. The design must be according to the product it contains to give a better idea of the product.

Brand Promoting

If you are selling something then the box in which these are present is going to represent your brand. The third important component of the custom boxes is their brand promoting ability. The presence of the logo in a good manner on the box is the best way to promote your brand. Wherever the box is going it will promote your brand.


The next important component of custom boxes is their size. The room must be minimum after placing the products in them. This is due to the reason that the presence of room and chance of product breakage are directly proportional to each other. Greater the room greater will be the risk of breakage and vice versa. So the size must be according to the products and best fitted for it. This will provide a closed packing.

Environmental Friendly

This component must be present in them to attract the upper-class people. These people are well educated and try to adopt those brands which are environmentally friendly to promote the same thing in other brands as well. So the boxes must be biodegradable and recyclable as such boxes will never add any harmful component to the environment.

So the above are basic components and are quite often mentioned in product description as well. For example, “CFC free packing” is a statement regarding boxes that is mentioned in the description of various electronic products.

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