5 Extraordinary Ways to Use Outbound Telemarketing


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There should be no doubt that telemarketing has always been the best way to expand the business. Moreover, telemarketing not only ensures impressive results but also saves a lot of money. But whenever we talk about telemarketing, cold calling sales activities come to our mind firstly.

Of course, telesales is related to the cold calling but it doesn’t mean that telemarketing cannot be used in other ways. There are several methods that not only can change the way to use outbound telemarketing but also prove that it is something more than cold calling.

Today, we come up with the top 5 extraordinary ways to use outbound telemarketing to boost the business’s bottom line:

Appointment setting

If you are an owner of a business, you should already know that the most effective way to close a sales deal is sitting down with a potential customer in a face-to-face meeting. There are so many companies that avail outbound telemarketing services from the BPO firms to get a maximum number of appointments.

In addition to this, outbound call centres always instruct all the telemarketers to schedule meetings up to the perfection so that nothing leads to rescheduling or no-shows.

Reduces the number of lapsed customers

No one can deny this fact that keeping the current customers happy is nothing less than an uphill task. Sometimes customers feel that the companies don’t care about them. Consequently, this  leads to poor sales results.

Here, the significance of outbound telemarketing gets enhanced as this not only helps in unlocking the new sales opportunities but also helps in knowing the reasons why customers are not purchasing.

All in all, if you want to get new orders or don’t want to lose your customers to competitors, it is advisable to you to join hands with a reputed BPO firm regarding outbound telemarketing services.

Better collections

Being an owner of a business, you would never want to face the hassle of missed payments and outstanding invoices because these always put the brakes on the business’s development and progress. But if you are currently struggling with outstanding sums, outbound telemarketing is the best option for you.

Outbound call centres always ensure that all the people who are yet to pay the outstanding payment, get contacted by the telemarketers after a short period of time. In addition to this, all the telemarketers get instructed to make calls regarding collections in a professional manner so that nothing can affect the business’s reputation.

Helps in market research

Well, it may come as a surprise to you that how outbound telemarketing can be used in market research but this aspect is true. Usually, multinationals avail outbound telemarketing services from the BPO firms in order to get customer feedback and product reviews.

From the business point of view, telemarketing is very cost-effective as it covers large geographical locations without any sloppiness. The data that is collected with the help of outbound telemarketing can be used to target prospects, which, in turn, leads to higher profit levels.

Sell to current customers

From the business’s point of view, current customers have always been the backbone of companies of all sizes. Selling products or services to existing customers simply means better business’s stability. To make the present customers feel valued and increase the sales, nothing is better than telemarketing.

Whenever a company comes up with the new products, it wants to alert all the current customers as well as the potential ones. However, there is a high possibility that prospects may not show the interest initially.

Contrariwise, it is very easy to sell products that are related to the existing customer’s preferences. This is so because there is no need to convince the customers because they are already familiar with the company’s expertise and benefits.

Therefore, medium-sized and multinational companies always make contact with the BPO firms so that the latter’s telemarketers team can handle customer’s product-related questions and boost the sales figures.

Final few words

After going through above-mentioned points, one thing is clear like a crystal and that is telesales is just carrying the tag of cold calling. Moreover, there are numerous ways to use outbound telemarketing to boost the business’s growth. So, if you have liked our article, tell us in the comment section.

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