5 Easy Peasy Ways You Can Do to Avoid Pale Lips


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Lips are among the body’s assets. They add appeal and beauty to the face when they look well, but they put gloom to the view when they’re pale. Paleness is one of the common issues people have when it comes to lips. You aren’t exempted! All of us have experienced, in one way or another, having those pale lips.

To help you avoid or at least to do something to begin pushing the paleness away, here are 5 simple ways you can do.



Your pale lips might be caused by chemicals from the lipstick you’re using. It might be because of the coloring formula or any substance present in it. You might not know that you are allergic to certain lipsticks and lip tints, so if you notice that they seem to cause paleness on your lips, you should try pausing the use of them.

If you’re too worried and concerned if you’re allergic to some chemicals found in them, researching about the ingredients of the product might help. Consulting a doctor would be the best decision if you want to be more informed medically about the condition of your lips. If you confirm that the lipsticks you use lead to pale and discolored lips, then stop using them.

It is important to be mindful of the products you use on your lips because you might not know that instead of giving you luscious lips, they’re actually driving their bloom away.



In connection to tip number 1 about choosing the proper products for your lips, apply lip protection creams and balms suitable for your lips! Moisturizers made for the lips are helpful to make them look livelier. Select those with sunscreen to shield your lips from too much heat from the sun and its effects. Not just the skin on your body can be discolored and dried by the UV rays, but also your precious lips!

Consider buying lip protection products with Vitamin E for smooth, soft and healthy lips. This vitamin is an antioxidant that resists damages that can happen to skin cells.  



Ever since you’re born, you know how fruits and vegetables are partners in fighting sicknesses and giving your body the right nutrients for proper health! Well, in the case of your lips, they won’t be absent! Pale lips are usually caused by not enough Hemoglobin (molecule in the blood), and fruits and vegetables, especially those rich iron, supply you the right nutrients necessary to give more life to your lips.



You know how dehydrating it feels like inside of you whenever you don’t drink enough water! That’s the same feeling your dear lips get when you don’t pay much attention to hydrating yourself. You feel dry, you look dry. If you don’t drink water, cleansing won’t be done completely within you, and toxins will have more time to stay inside your body. Water also gives life to your lips because it is refreshing and rejuvenating as how it really is in many different ways.    



There are unfavorable habits you do with your mouth which affects how your lips look. They include lip biting and lip licking. Both of these make your lips discolored and dry. Lip biting makes your lips sore. Lip licking is the common mistake people believe helps relieve paleness, but the truth  is that the saliva also causes irritation and soreness because of certain enzymes present in it. Paleness happens as well when your lips’ natural oils get wiped out by saliva.



The above-mentioned ways are definitely so easy to do and also very not costly! It could become a long-term strategy for you or just a beginning of bigger ways to have better and more beautiful lips! Hopefully, you keep all these simple tips in mind to avoid having pale, lifeless lips.



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. She cares a lot about her skin and her body, and through writing safe reminders and informative pieces about skin and health, she encourages others to care about theirs too. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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