5 Data Science Certifications to Advance your Career

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Employed Data Scientists need to do more, to advance in their career.

Data science is evolving; it is slowly moving towards maturity. Increasing number of organizations relying on data-driven decision making is a telltale sign. With deluge of data, data-driven culture is permeating every sphere of business and it is slowly becoming common.Compared to earlier, decision making processes are now more sophisticated, and it is becoming imperative for Data Scientists to equip themselves with newest data science practices, techniques, and do so consistently – exactly proving the need for data science certifications. The lack of knowledge about data science operations, responsibilities of data scientists, and overall data science field, makes it difficult for recruiters to assess a Data Scientist’s capabilities. So most of them rely on certifications to screen candidates for data science roles. Essentially, data science certifications are a proof of proven skills and knowledge possessed by a Data Scientist.

Further, professionals with certifications are reported to earn more salary than their non-certified counter parts.
Big Data, which includes collection, handling, processing of large amount of data, is becoming an important of data science, thus requiring Data Scientists to understand the know-how of Big Data. Here, again, Big Data certifications are beneficial to learn and understand the essentials of Big Data. So which certification should you take?

Top data science certifications

  1. DELL EMC Proven Professional

Dell EMC offers data science certifications for fresh graduates (data science aspirants) and working Data Scientists under Associate’s and Specialist’s categories, respectively.
Curriculum of the certifications equips candidates of associate’s path with foundational knowledge and specialist’s candidates with advanced analytics that enables them to participate in big data and analytics projects.

  1. Certified Analytics ProfessionalThis certification is offered by INFORMS, a leading industry body in data science and analytics. To be eligible for this certification, you need at least 5 years of working experience in the analytics field with a bachelor’s degree or 3 years of experience with a master’s degree. The certification prepares you for excelling at tackling advanced data science challenges.
  2. Senior Big Data Engineer
    This certification is offered by DASCA ( Data Science Council of America). The curriculum of this certification prepares you to tackle some of the pressing data science challenges related to analytics, At least two years of experience in analytics or related field and a bachelor’s degree is required to take this certification.
  3. SAS Certified Data Scientist
    SAS Academy of Data Science offers this certification. You need to clear two level of exams which assesses candidate’s proficiency in Big Data skills and advanced analytics. Knowledge of SAS programming is a pre-requisite for taking this certification. Upon successfully completing the two exams, you earn the credential.
  4. Cloudera Certified Professional ( CCP)
    Cloudera certification equips test takers with foundational skills in Big Data and analytics. Both people who are looking to start a career in Big Data and have a proof of their skills or those who want to gain mastery in Big Data, Cloudera Certified Professional certifications are relevant.

If you want to further advance yourself in the field, you may check the top masters in data science programs online.

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