5 Best YouTube Alternative to Break your Stereotype of YouTube


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There is no doubt that YouTube is very popular due to its versatile features. There are also some YouTube alternatives that might have less popular but all have high-quality video content on the web. This post, we will discuss some 5 best YouTube-esque sites that give you a great viewing experience. Let’s get into it!


9GAG needs no introduction because it is the best user-generated content site in the world. It is famous for its memes, funny videos that make it more popular among the millennials. 9GAG TV is a great platform for watching entertainment and humorous videos. It is the best YouTube alternative out there. The best thing is that you can watch high-quality content and the unlimited supply of entertainment videos.


Vevo is music only video streaming and uploading website. If you are a music lover then Vevo is definitely a good site for you where you can watch music videos of your favorite artists such as Drake, Taylor Swift, DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, Kanye West and more. Google acquired it when it got hacked in 2016. If you are feeling getting down then Vevo is an absolute option to give yourself an instant mood booster with Vevo music videos.

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IGTV is a new video platform that is owned by Instagram to bring more Insta followers. Instagram has launched IGTV in an effort to promote vertical video format for smartphone users and increase the video content on Instagram. Instagram TV a.k.a. IGTV offers the long-form and vertical videos format, unlike other video streaming sites. It is considered a new YouTube alternative. People can find the good content in the popular section of the IGTV. You can access it on the Instagram app or its stand-alone app. For uploading videos, download its app and upload it from your desktop.

Yahoo View:

If you are a music and movies fanatic then Yahoo view is the best place to go. You can enjoy a lot of quality visual content here. The good thing is that you can explore the TV series from all genres such as drama, comedy, documentary, anime and much more. It is a great platform for binge-watching as you can watch TV shows with their full episodes. Moreover, it offers high-quality content.

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Facebook Watch:

Facebook needs no introduction as it is the number one social media platform with 2.2 billion user base. Now, you can also watch videos on this biggest social platform. Facebook has a large collection of visual content and it has a well-developed video player. In order to watch video on Facebook, go to the search bar and put the keyword and then click on the videos. For example, if you write ‘Serena Williams’, it will display a lot of visual content related to tennis ace Serena Williams. Even you can search the videos using filters such as date, location, and source to explore what you exactly want to watch. All these features make it the best YouTube alternatives.

here more – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Md7rFSM-OY


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