5 Best Brands Deodorants Online for Men 2018


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While perfumes are best reserved for fancy dinners and formal outings, it is the good old deodorants that save the day on a daily basis, when you are out there working hard to make your dreams come true. When it comes to dealing with body odour during a hard day at work, nothing quite works as amazingly well as a good deodorant.

Here we have listed here some of the best brands offering promising deodorising spray brands for men, which you can shop from some e-commerce sites at your convenience!

1. Nivea Fresh Active Original 48 Hours Deodorant

Nivea is one of the strongest brands associated with men’s care and it needs to be on the list. The reason is simple, it lasts longer and keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. Ideal for men who are on their feet most of the day, or for those who love playing.

2. AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant

AXE deodorants are best associated with their amazing advertisements. In real life too, impress everyone you know with the strong odour of the signature Dark Temptation. With hints of dark chocolate, this spray can keep the foul body odour in check and keeps you feeling fresh and throughout the day. This masculine deo, comes in an fantastic bottle which will add to the charm of the dresser you place it on.

3. Old Spice Deodorant

One of the oldest and most popular deodorant for men is the Old Spice. Though older men still swear by its authenticity and fragrance, the younger lot is also happy to adopt it. The brand has mastered the masculine fragrance which has kept men smelling good for several decades. Not only does it reinvigorate the body, but the fragrance keeps intact for the whole day.

4. Engage Man Deodorant Rush

With an exhilarating mix of a woody scent and hints of citrus, Engage Deo is ideal for monsoons and winters. Since the fragrance helps you smell good throughout the day, you can carry on your work without worrying about creating a bad impression.

5. Wild Stone Deodorant

Fresh and energetic in its appeal, this deodorant is all you need to pull off a day in the most fashionable manner. Thanks to its warm woody fragrance, this musky deo not only makes for a great daytime scent but also proves to be equally effective for those much-awaited date nights!

Our Final Thoughts

Men need to be as well-groomed as women, and when it comes to body odour, both need to be fragrant. Smelling nice takes away the self-doubt of off-putting a colleague or friend. Proper hygiene is of course of immense importance, but perfumes and deodorants can keep you smelling fresh and nice through the day. They are easy to use, but you should always follow the instructions given on the bottle for use and storage. Whichever deo you plan to buy, it can give the much-needed boost in confidence, when you step out after a day’s work to meet lady luck!  Go for the bold and sensuous or mild and charming, these are just two of the many options available online! Most deos are compact, easy to carry, fantastic to use, and their strong smell adds to your personality.


Are you interested in buying men’s deodorants? Then, read on to know the top five brands to choose from. The brands of men’s deodorants such as Engage Deo are some of the best in the market.


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