3 Reason To Love Customized Jigsaw Puzzles


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Jigsaw Puzzles- almost everyone has used more than one of them during childhood. It’s a fun activity that took hours of work, but it always felt worth it.

But as time passed, these things disappeared from everyone’s life. Everyone started to feel that it’s an activity for children and not for adults. Well, it’s high time that you reconsider the jigsaw puzzles or rather a customized jigsaw puzzle and bring them back to your life. You can also visit for jigsaw puzzles in NZ.

The following are some ways in which they can help improve your life. 

Reduce Screen Time

In today’s tech world, everything is on screens. There are phones, desktop, laptops, tablets, and many other such devices that make up a major part of your day. All this screen time can affect your eyes and also make your brain feel tired. It can slow your learning speed and even affect your basic functioning speed. 

Spending some time with a custom picture puzzle can help you to cope up with the extra stress. Playing it would mean a break from screens, which help to re-energize your body. Moreover, since it’s a custom jigsaw, it will have a picture related to your happy memory, which further enhances your mood relieving mental stress. 


An average human has an extensive range of things like work, home, financials, traffic and social pressure that he/she has to face every day. Today’s society is so engaged in making memories and uploading them that they often forget their value. They are even failing to spend time with their loved ones. 

Having a custom photo puzzle can help you to change this scenario. You can get one of those and try to solve it along with your family and friends. It will give you a much-deserved fun time and is excellent for rebonding. Once you complete the puzzle, you will also have a picture reciting an old story that always brings smiles and makes you all feel closer.

Mind Health

Fun and stress relieving aren’t the only good things about the jigsaw puzzles. It is also an excellent activity to ensure optimal brain growth and health. Solving the personalized jigsaw puzzle stimulates both the logical and creative section of your brain. This work out helps the brain to grow and enhance your problem-solving skills as well as concentration.  

These photo jigsaw puzzles are also a brilliant option for memory enhancement. It reinforces the existing neural connection in the brain, which is good for improving short term memory. 

Some dealers are also selling customized 300-piece large jigsaw that has an even better effect on the brain. These puzzles increase the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, which is good for both memory and mood. It makes you sharper and happy. 

Final Words

Personalised jigsaw puzzles are an amazing piece of work. They are memorable, enjoyable and very beneficial for your brain. These things are excellent to get a break from the fast pace of life and relive your happy moments.  

And, yes, they are an amazing gifting option. With custom boxes and design options, you can turn any of your photo or design to a jigsaw and share it with your loved one. It will give something that connects them with your emotion. It will also exhibit that you care and value them. After all, in the end, love, family and friends are all you got. 

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