3 Major Types of Firewood Options to Avail from the Market


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Whenever we feel cold, sitting around the fire rather than the electric heater is the first preference. There is a distinctive feeling of getting warmth with fire that you cannot experience even with the most expensive room heating system. This might be due to the centuries-old instinct developed when the first human civilization comes to an existence where the fire was very important. Burning woods and sitting around them with family or friends for long hours is one of the best feelings. For enjoying these moments, first, you need to buy a stock of firewood. Gone are those days when wood for the purpose of burning was easily available in the backyard for free of cost. As the human population increases, the number of trees drastically declined. As per th current situation, three kinds of firewood options are available for sale. We are going to understand their features and significance in detail here. 

Three types of firewoods you can buy from a local store or online 

  1. Hard firewood 
  2. Soft Firewood 
  3. Eco firewood 

Hard firewood 

As the name illustrates, hard firewood denser than the rest of the variants because of its inner molecular structure. This is the most expensive option to buy because of the quality. Apart from burning, hardwood is also the first preference for manufacturing furniture. Some of the major reasons to prefer hard firewood in Sydney are:- 

  1. Burn with good consistency of flame 
  2. High calorific value
  3. Produces less smoke 
  4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor 
  5. Great aromatic flavors when you use for cooking 

Some drawbacks 

  1. Takes a long time for seasoning 
  2. Hard to find 
  3. Very expensive 
  4. Heavy to carry 

Some of the best options to choose in the category of hard firewood are:- 

  1. Ironbark 
  2. Redgum
  3. Apple 
  4. Red oak 
  5. Sugar maple 
  6. Yellow birch 

Soft Firewood

Exactly opposite to the hard firewood, the softwood has a loosely packed molecular structure. This is among the options of cheap firewood in Sydney. The hollow pockets in the fibers make it softer and lighter. As compared to the hard firewood for sale near you, the demand for softwood is very less. Still, there are some plus points that you must know:- 

  1. Abundantly available 
  2. Affordable 
  3. Require less time for seasoning 
  4. Catches fire quickly 
  5. Easy to carry for your long trips 

Considerable drawbacks 

  1. Most of the softwoods produce high smoke
  2. It exhausts quickly 
  3. Lack of consistency in flame while burning 
  4. Low calorific value 

Some of the best options to choose in the category of soft firewood are:- 

  1. Douglas fir 
  2. Tamarack 
  3. White birch 
  4. Black cherry 
  5. American elm 

Eco firewood 

The word “Eco” signifies that it is an eco-friendly option. You must be wondering how wood can be eco-friendly? Actually, it is not obtained by cutting of trees. Some companies manufacture eco-firewood from biodegradable waste material, including paddy straw, wheat straw, and sawmill dust, etc. These substances are useless until you process through high compression machinery. By compressing the biological residue, it turns into a solid shape that you can use for burning. Many e-commerce portals are providing this firewood for sale because it is the future of the firewood industry. Some interesting features of this variant are:- 

  1. Flame consistency level similar to hard firewood 
  2. Eco-friendly option to save trees 
  3. Smart agricultural waste management 
  4. No issue of seasoning 

Considerable Drawbacks 

  1. Hard to find in the local market 
  2. No aroma while cooking food with it 

 Some of the best options to choose in the category of eco firewood are:- 

  1. Pellets 
  2. Bricks 
  3. Large logs 

Pellets are suitable for kindling because of their small size. You can use bricks to enjoy the fire at home or during camping. For hosting a large group or arranging the stock of entire winters, chose the option of eco logs. 

After comparing the features, availability, and impacts on the environment, it is clear that eco-firewood is a smart choice. Try to find this variant in your local market or order online. 

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