10 mistakes that make you look aged!


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Hello girls!

Did you happen to find yourself in a traumatic situation in which there is given a few more years? And tell me what you thought “Oh my God I’m getting old! we will exit out a wrinkle !?

Heck, We knew that I had to start first with the wrinkle cream! “Well you should know that not always the fault of our skin … It is often our beloved makeup to betray us!

Yes, you read right, that’s him! It’s strange to think so because usually our make us to be more beautiful … and everything we could think of except that the result can be “vecchiardo”! But there are small oversights that damn … and now your Cliuzza will flush out! Ready?

Don’t worry if your are face look older than your age. There are some tips available to remove dark circles around your eyes and drink apple ciner vinegar for weight loss to look younger.


Whatever your age, if you exaggerate with makeup not only will risk the effect clown, but you’ll look even bigger!

And I should know! When text products I dressed stone for the holidays … and certainly do not look like a youngster!
This is when the teenager or so can also give pleasure: who, as a baby, is not resorted to makeup just to buy a few years, to seem more ?! It will happen to all, but not for this is a trick that goes unnoticed or is exempt from criticism! Remember what he did chat Anna for excessive makeup carrying when he was just age? Beauty look that made her look more adult and made her features too marked, according to many vulgar!

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Then when you start to exceed 30 years, and one begins to feel more adult things change, begins the fight against advancing age and overuse of makeup ploy to look larger, it becomes a viziaccio that makes it seem more old! The trick too, in fact, goes to highlight all the imperfections of the skin, making it more tired: in this case, more than ever, the rule is “less is more”, and I have shown in the tutorial on my friend Francesca, a splendid forty!

Look, the beautiful Eva Longoria: definitely the actress is not a lover of the no-makeup makeup, but she loves to show off more of the look very articulate. Not always, however, the result is optimal as he would like! In the first picture looks much more “lady” (forgive Eva!) That in the second where we went with the hand a little lighter …


The next error concerns the choice of products of little strategic shades! There are, in fact, the tones that tend to become gray complexion, to turn it off and consequently they age the look of our face! It tones containing very white pigment: the grayish, the Celestine, mauves off …

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Definitely better the warmer tones and bright! And the same is true for the complexion and the foundation: after a certain age unless you have a pink undertone is good to avoid products with an undertone of the genre or very cold, and to prefer the warmest!


You know that draw lines of eyeliner or pencil without sfumarle aging? Obviously this is not true for women still fresh and young, but for those of a certain age and with signs of expression, which no longer have the skin supple and eyelids stretched! So for all those eyelids that are no longer a nice smooth Surface on which to draw a clear line and net. The lines do not nuanced, in fact, make it look more hard and severe, the eye more tired and therefore the aspect that can not be aged. My advice? Fade fade fade!


E ‘key when you put make-up and eye shadows and pencils fade focus and use great caution when dealing in the outer part of the eye makeup, in order to simulate a lifting effect of gaze already only with makeup. You must therefore ensure you give a form upwards, or at least straight, and avoid like the plague the nuances falling!

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Still on the subject of shades, the lack of homogeneity and the patches of color (eg due to the overlap of eye shadow and creamy powder without waiting for the time required for the first to dry) are not all bad and blah aesthetically, but also risk give the impression of an eyelid wrinkled, not smooth … therefore more anzianetta!

Oh yes: conscious texture glitterose! Care lovers sbrilluccichini …we have to give the sad news: with increasing age we’ll have to give up, because they attract too much attention to the signs of the time, on chicken legs, then on all that is good to hide!

After a certain age are much better finish matt and satin!

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