10 Advantages of Two Wheeler in India That You Should Know


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The congested cities of India pose a huge challenge in terms of commuting by cars and other four-wheelers. Therefore, they are the best option to beat the ever increasing traffic. Car owners who have been commuting long distances for work by their car are also realizing the advantages of two-wheelers and switching to them. Bikes and scooters are much cheaper and can be easily maneuvered through the crowded stretches of the city. They are a favorite mode of transport in India and are widely sold every day in metros and smaller towns across the country. Even in rural areas, the two-wheelers are in high demand. Moreover, new technology has made two-wheelers fuel efficient, and they cause much lesser pollution as compared to older vehicles.

Introduction of electric two-wheelers has made them eco-friendly fulfilling the need for a more sustainable fuel technology in this segment. The electric bikes require less maintenance as compared to electric cars as they have smaller batteries with lower charging times. The auto transmission two-wheelers are lightweight vehicles which can be conveniently driven by women and young riders. One of the biggest benefits of a two-wheeler is that they do not cause strain on the roads due to their lightweight.

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Listed below are some of the major benefits of a two-wheeler:

  • Commuting by two-wheeler makes it easier to navigate through traffic jams especially during peak hours. The bikes are easier to navigate on congested roads and can help you reach your destination on time.
  • Two wheelers in today’s world are more environmentally friendly and ecologically better vehicles as they produce lesser carbon emissions. Modern two-wheelers adhere to stringent environmental standards and are more fuel efficient as compared to cars.
  • Bikes need lower maintenance than cars as the cost of servicing is much lower than a car.
  • They are easily affordable and one can easily purchase a bike or a scooter by making small initial down payment and rest of the payment can be made in Equated Monthly Installments by availing a bike loan.
  • They offer good mileage which results in huge savings on fuel costs.
  • Finding a parking space has become a major challenge in metro cities across India, therefore, owning a bike is more convenient as it requires little parking space and can be easily parked in congested areas.
  • Repayment tenure of two wheeler loan is flexible and you can prepay the loan at any point of time by paying a nominal penalty. Some lenders offer 100% finance for two-wheelers thus reducing the need for self-financing.
  • They are exempted from toll tax as the size and space of two-wheelers is usually considered half the amount of a small car and they do not reduce the load capacity too much.
  • There is a wide choice of scooters and bikes available and you can choose your favorite two wheelers manufactured by some of the well-known brands across the globe.
  • The loans are available at attractive interest rates and you can choose your EMI plan as per your budget. One can also use Bike EMI Calculator to calculate the EMI.
  • There are many banks and private lenders who offer bike loans at competitive rates and fast processing of the loan ensures that you get the delivery of your favorite bike or scooter without any delays.
  • Simplified documentation makes it a lot easier to get a bike loan. All you need to do is submit your identity proof, address proof and income proof to avail a two wheeler loan. The entire processing of the loan is completed within a short period ensuring that you get your vehicle without any delay.

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