Why You Should Choose Cycling to Work Over Gym Any Day of the Week


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It’s not the world’s worst known fact that riding a bike is one of the best activities to remain fit and healthy and yet we hardly ever do it. Riding works on your whole body and is just as good a calorie burner as jogging is.

Biking Out in the Open Vs Working Out in A Stuffy Gym

Ask yourselves this. Would you rather be cycling a stationary bike for the better part of an hour in a stuffy room full of perspiring individuals than riding out in the open for perhaps a similar amount of time to get to work? Not the toughest of choices, is it? I, for one, would actually want to get somewhere with all the effort I put as opposed to being rooted in the same exact spot.

Tough on Your Body but Easy on Your Wallet

This is where Mobycy comes in. This bike renting app accommodates your transportation needs to a fault. Granted that it asks you to tax your body but that’s pretty much entirely what you hope to pull off when you pay for a gym membership. What makes this different is that renting a bike to ride to work doesn’t take as much of a toll on your wallet as it does your body.

Helps Maintain Physical and Mental Health

Of all the several benefits of riding, here are the most tangible

  • It helps in losing weight.
  • It improves your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness while not straining your joints.
  • Daily biking has proven to be conducive to improving cognitive decline.
  • It reduces your blood pressure and improves your coordination.

Mobycy’s unique answer to your commute and health problems is now available at the most nominal of rates in many cities like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore, etc.

The Bigger Picture

It wouldn’t be just yourself you’d be helping out by trying out this new idea; your decision to use a cycle rental app to ride to work makes a small but definite cut in the impact of the factors harming our environment. What it also does is spread awareness about how a simple act, however trivial it may seem, if done in unison could turn out to be a huge factor in making a difference.

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