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There are so many security agencies in India. Many agencies are operating without any legal framework. If you are looking for security service with security guards for securing both people and property, then you can go any of them. But if you need finest quality service and guards of highly experienced and dedicated team, we are there for you. Secura provides security guards with the necessary training for securing your property from any threat in any situation whatsoever.

We provide security guards in different areas for Residential Security, industrial security, hospital security and so on. Our security guards are well trained and able to handle crises.  We provide guarding service in not only major cities like Delhi and Mumbai; we provide guards in all other cities and regional areas. We provide security guard service, Armed/Unarmed guards, trained security guards, domestic security guard service, event security guard service, women security guards and more. These guards may work at hospitals, schools, colleges and other commercial places like shopping malls and retail shops.

Our cost- effective services successfully meet the desired requirements of clients. Securities Company in India makes people comfortable and degrades risk factors.  At Secura, our security personnel understand the specialized needs of customer environment.  The great experience of our security agents and their discreet presence when it is necessary are assets that guarantee you an evening without problems. You can contact us for trained armed officers for personal security anytime.

Secura Security also provides a guard service with dog and the surveillance of your movable and immovable assets. Whether for a company, a shopping mall or a supermarket, you will always have one or more static agents to guarantee your safety in all circumstances.

The tasks assigned to a security officer can therefore be multiple. For example, the responsibilities will be different between a mobile security officer who patrols a dog (police officer) to protect the equipment of a construction site, a security officer who works remotely, from a monitoring center and control screens, or a security agent physionomiste at the entrance of a nightclub.

But as a general rule, the job of a security guard involves:

  • Identify and prevent risk situations
  • Contribute to reducing criminal activity
  • Communicating and assisting police services
  • Helping people in emergencies

Depending on the specificity of the job, the job title varies: safety officer, store supervisor, fire safety officer, security guard (car park, shops, and offices), fire safety officer, rounder, police officer, operator remote surveillance, shop inspector, close security officer, bodyguard and bouncer security guards in India, etc

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