What Students Need to know about Exclusive Schools or Universities


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Medical schools and universities are of various types and some of them cater to a specific field of medicine. While some focus solely on developing the students into a physician/doctor keeping aside the research aspect, you can easily search for a med school which actually encourages students to go for the research and analysis concerning any field related to medicine, surgery, etc. That’s where students have to be really cautious about selecting their med school.

Students around the world nowadays have to take into account many aspects related to the field of medicine and the type of institute in which they are about to study. You will find some institutes really exclusive in their approach or how they go about in promoting their image. And this approach is not restricted to just the med schools as, I am sure that, most of my readers are well aware of some exclusive institutes of learning where only the privileged class has access. Or unless you are a topper and can get admission in any institute on merit/scholarship.

Let me offer you a brief insight into some topics which are related to this and what students need to know in order to tackle with this subject.

A College or University for the Super Rich, the Elite Class or with a Restricted Admission Policy

While this may sound absurd, you can easily find such institutes related to a number of fields of study like business, engineering or medicine. Our focus will be on such med schools, but I will try to explain some other factors too related to this aspect. If I ask you what you can attach or relate to a school where not everyone can get an admission, there are many factors which might come into your mind. Try to think about it and can match your answers with the content of the next paragraph.

These could be anything like exorbitant fees, a grand campus and a very strict criteria for the selection of a candidate. While I am sure that many of my readers can easily think about the fee and huge campus, most of you wouldn’t have a clear idea about what is exclusivity for a school or university. Let me shed some light on this aspect for your easy understanding.

An Exclusive School with lots of Restrictions for the Admission

I am sure that to an extent you all know something about a school where only Christians can get admission, of course related to that religion, or where only a certain background is required. While you cannot attach this factor to a med school especially not a caribbean medical school as such institutes are nowhere to be found in the Caribbean. It is a place where you can find med school offering very relaxed admission policy so that most students don’t even have to think about such factors related to an exclusive place of learning like insane amount of fees and other factors.

But what about quality of education, credibility in the field of medicine and research? Do these things doesn’t count at all? Of course, they count and that’s why you need to select such institutes which offer a wide array of facilities so that you can decide about the admission in an exclusive school or the one offering you lots of facilities. Med schools where lots of students submit articles in journals and push students are pushed towards research are the ones that must top your list.

A School or University for all the other classes

While I have offered you a lot of answers for the small debate that I have initiated with this blog, let me conclude this by briefly discussing this aspect too. You can’t really term a university as inferior if it is asking a low fee or don’t have a grand structure. All it matters is the quality of the education provided so that you can gain all the knowledge about starting a career in the medicine field with full confidence. So exclusive schools are for the tiny fraction of students belonging to a certain class or background. Over 99% of the students need to have a go at regular med schools.

Final Word

I am sure the topic will leave you with lots of insights and you may have some questions in your mind too about one or two aspects mentioned here. Don’t worry as you can ask any question by using the comments section below.

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