Top 3 tips for Businesses to render incredible Customer Care Services


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“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

— Damon Richards

Terrific support service can create loyal customers for life, and this means smooth growth of a business. Even, it is believed that the fate of businesses depends on the quality of customer care services. To ensure that nothing can affect the business growth, organisations generally get in touch with reputed BPO companies. Well, letting specialised service providers handle support requests is quite a move to keep customers happy.

But businesses can also render marvellous support service on their own if they take the below-given tips into consideration:

  • Respect customers’ time

Nowadays, the relationship between customers and a company seems weird but interesting. It is so because customers usually contact a company when they are in need of help. To keep the business growing, it extremely important to offer prodigious solutions in an hour of need.

Before initiating the support service interaction, customers often think that the best possible solutions would be delivered within a couple of minutes. However, when they have to wait for a long duration in order to get connected with support agents, this affects the support service experience, which consequently, leads to negative WOM.

Therefore, it is vital for businesses that run an in-house call centre to respect customers’ time during support interactions as the latter have other daily routine work to do. Of course, we aren’t suggesting to compromise the quality of solutions, but the average wait time should be reduced as much as possible.

Here are some vital ideas that can help to keep the average wait time in control:

  • Support agents should be managed as per the traffic of customer service queries.
  • A reliable knowledge base should be built so that support agents can deliver faster resolutions during customer interactions.
  • An additional training should be offered to those customer service reps who are falling behind during support interactions.

Being a business owner, if you don’t want to take any chances, it is advisable to avail customer care services from a reputed vendor.

  • Focus on providing unmatched resolutions

Established BPO firms always set ‘Providing impeccable solutions’ as their first priority, and that’s how they render commendable customer care services 24/7. On the other hand, businesses that handle customer service requests by themselves generally fail to deliver a splendid support experience. What’s more, they face the high volume of repetitive calls, which consequently, result in customer defection in the end.

The most cited reason behind why such businesses struggle is the bad approach of giving more preference to AHT (average handle time). Usually, in-house call centres strive to reduce AHT so that maximum support requests could be responded. But there is no point to giving a response to maximum support service queries if customers aren’t happy with the given assistance.

Hence, it is highly advisable for business owners to put more focus on providing unmatched solutions instead of bringing the AHT down as that’s the best way to deliver incredible support experience to customers.

  • Listen actively

Listening to customers actively is one of the simplest secrets of support service. This factor is prominent because whenever customers contact regarding support service, they often seek someone who listens about the inconvenience that they have faced.

However, when support agents don’t pay attention to listening to queries, this leaves a negative impression on customers, which, in turn, affects the business’s brand image. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to make sure that their in-house support staff puts more focus on listening instead of speaking during customer interactions.

Here’re some suggestions that could be handy during support service interactions:

  • Customers should be invited to share their issues at the start of the interaction.
  • Once customers are done with explaining, they should be assured that immaculate solutions will be delivered within a couple of minutes.
  • After rendering solutions, it should be ensured that the customer is satisfied.

At last, the interaction should be concluded on a positive note.

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