Tips for Artists: How to score a Gallery representation?


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Being an artist and getting your work into an art gallery are two very different things. I know, technology has empowered many artists to overlook the charm and ecstasy of a brick & mortar galleries, but having your painting displayed in an illustrious space is the dream of every artist. Many of you may be consoling yourself by putting up your work on the art gallery websites and virtual shops on the web.

It is good to earn income but wouldn’t it be much better and astonishing if your paintings are exhibited in your city’s eminent art gallery? Of course, it will be, right? So, here are few burning tips that would guide you making your hard work reach your dream, i.e. a reputed art gallery. Let’s begin:

1.      Get a degree

This one is purely for the beginners or toddlers in the art world. People say the degree is just a piece of paper and creativity comes from inside. I agree. In the art world though, unfortunately, a proper education offers you much credibility as an artist. There are many gallery owners and representatives who roam around the best art institutions around the globe to find a gem artist. Also, these gallery owners do prefer an educated and degree holder artist above a rookie. Please do not misunderstand the context here. Obviously, the real talent is priceless, but taking an art education like MFA and BFA programs will not only make you knowledgeable about the art sector but will give you immense exposure. So, if possible, I would recommend all the newbies to pursue a professional course in art, if not taken yet.

2.    Get a job that compliments your passion

You cannot expect to survive by just making art. Competition is tough and for your survival and growth, you may have to seek side employment, which is great. My advice is that you search for a job that is adjacent to the art world. For an instance, getting an internship, or assistant profile may work fine with you. Other job alternatives can be art handler, graphic designer, installation photographer, etc. Doing so will benefit you in two ways. First, you can extend your reach to the art community. Second, working in a relatable field will provide you with immense exposure that will be useful to drive your innovation and imagination.

3.    Spread out online

Now, it becomes an essentiality to make an unparalleled online presence if you want to grab the attention of your favourite gallerist. The online world and the internet have been on a spur since last few years. A number of art gallery websites and online galleries have hoarded the web and art lovers can never be too excited. Art and technology have made it possible for artists to showcase their work to a bigger audience. A lot of brick & mortar gallery owners do consider the fact that how much the artist is popular or known on the web. An artist’s reputation on the online platform is of paramount importance. Along with this, social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest have millions of art aficionados who look for artworks on these daises on the daily basis. There is no harm in gaining popularity for your work on the web before you step in the A-game.

4.    Make a nimble introduction

Many artists do the mistake of stalking the gallery owners on email, text, phone calls, and sometimes in person (like visiting weekly). This is not good. No gallerist actually offers the exhibition to an artist like that. Of course, you require to make an introduction, but the approach should be different. If you want to be heard, listen first. Visit the art gallery you are targeting and just observe and contribute to the vision of that place. Buy some works. Make one visit a month compulsory. Eventually, the gallery owner will recognize you and will be ready to hear you. Getting representation on an art gallery website is quite simple but in a real gallery, you require to build and cultivate your relationship. That’s how you wisely and slowly get what you want.

5.    Engage with your community

A lot of gallery owners have admitted that if an artist is having a sound community engagement with other artists that put an impressionable image in the formers’ mind. Try to connect with other talented artists and try to find how the art gallery owners think. Seek a deeper engagement with your community to attain confidence and insight into the art world. I know a lot of artists are introverts. However, taking a single step and trying to make a connection with your kind of people will help you in reaching a prominent gallery.

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