The Trails of Men Keeping Cool in a Heat wave.


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The news is not good. The weather forecast suggests that the barometer is going in a decidedly upward motion. Yep, its official there is a heatwave on the way. It is becoming an increasing problem not just in Britain but the world as the rising temperature of the planet brings about longer spells of hot weather over the cold. It is not much fun for men of any age but it is made worse if you are of a more portly persuasion. One way to look and keep cool at the same time is to take a gander at some Mens Farah Clothing and a visit to is by far and away the best to place to start.

So, what can men do in these challenging circumstances? It’s no longer the case where they can just wear whatever they feel like such as there Dads and Grandad did, although to be fair all that most of them had to go was take their Mac off and stick a knotted handkerchief on their head and possibly roll up their sleeves a bit. Yes, there is the linen or cotton T-Shirt to be thankful for as it is certainly no longer acceptable, or sensible given the suns rays for men to go topless. It is however becoming ok for the British man to “show the toe” as it were and wear sandals or beach shoes, just please, please no socks.


Shorts of the cargo variety, there length down to the knee are also ok but we have yet to fully embrace our continental cousins and their love of the Speedo or the short shorts. Perhaps we shall have to rethink this approach, although we’ll need more sun cream. Even then both these styles are restrictive and heat producing in the nether regions which is said to be a contributing factor to male infertility and impotence. Although it is breathable many have suggested lyrca but there is one alternative idea that has gained so traction as solution to keeping cool and that is to wear an ancient form of British isles clothing, namely the kilt. It is stylish, colourful and can be lightweight. There are even versions designed for construction work. They provide the draft and the flexibility to the British male that might just provide the answer to their cooling prayers.

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