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We all believe very quickly on the things what we heard, especially if that thing is wrong. Similarly, when we are planning to do IELTS and discuss about it with some random persons they can misguide us about it, if they are not aware of that. This is the reason that if we are planning for IELTS, then we should have accurate and appropriate information about it, so that we can go in the right direction rather than waste our time for thinking about such things.

As you prepare for your IELTS test, you are bound to hear and read about strange things about it. However, do your best at your level so that you do not get distracted by such myths. This is the reason, here, best IELTS institutes of Chandigarh is going to tell you about some myths related to IELTS and their truth. So check out these myths and their reality:

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Different countries provide different IELTS tests:

This myth is absolutely wrong, there are only two different versions of the IELTS test, one is academic and the other is general training and in each edition the questions will be equally alike, even if you give it to any part of the world; So in reality, the test itself is not easy for anyone.

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There is no need of coaching for IELTS preparation, you can prepare yourself:

Even if you can prepare for the IELTS exam itself, but the majority of those who succeed, take part in the IELTS preparation course. The maximum students receiving good band scores in IELTS says that, IELTS is not difficult; But to get a good score, you need some special tips and tricks. Also, a good trainer can help you to find out your mistakes and improving it.

You can only take the test once:

There is no limit to the IELTS examination, you can take the exam as many times as you want. As long as you do not achieve your desired score, you can give it again and again. However, you have to pay the examination fee for each time.

To get your desired score in IELTS, be ready for as many IELTS practice tests as you can:
You only need to know and apply the appropriate test strategies to get a high score on your IELTS test, not to give multiple tests. We don’t want to say that practice tests are not helpful, but remember that IELTS measures your English proficiency, not how well you know the exam.

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A western accent can help you to pass the speaking test:

A speaking test is a part of the IELTS exam, which generally aims to test the language of speaking English. To get a high score, you do not need to Flont Western accent. Simply use your natural tone and focus on speaking clearly and at a natural speed so that the examiner can understand you.

Speaking part is the most essential component of the IELTS test:

This is far from the truth. In IELTS, all four modules such as speaking, listening, writing and reading are equally important. Generally, there is an essential overall score and all modules above a specific band (e.g., the overall score of 6.0 is not less than 5.5 in each module).
Don’t worry about speed only quality matters.

Yes, it is true, the quality of the answers given by you during the test is important, but you should not forget that all the 4 sections of the test have a deadline, and therefore you should be able to answer all the questions within the allotted time.

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To pass the IELTS test you need to score of 7.0 Band.

There is no pass fail criteria in IELTS exam. It measures your English proficiency. However, you can say that you passed or failed depending on what you need the test for For example, if you get the IELTS score required to enter the Bachelor Degree program in a specific country and college, you can say that you have passed.

So these are few and most common Myths about IELTS and their realities, that every student should know about. There are lots more things that you need to know for scoring high in IELTS. For such points you can visit in any branch of western overseas, the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Karnal, Sonipat and Amritsar cities. Take a free demo class for free tips and strategies. Also, you can join our coaching for better guidance and regular training.

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