Sikkim State Lotteries – Your Road To Earning Big!


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Are you planning to win big from a lottery, too?

Do you also want to try your hand at a jackpot?

Well, then Sikkim State Lotteries are definitely for you. This lottery, which is run by the Government of Sikkim itself, is also the brainchild behind the biggest lottery entity in India known by the name of Playwin.

This state lottery offers numerous jackpots and schemes in which you can try your luck. For instance, The Bigwin Jackpot, Derby Weekly Scheme, Jackpot Special schemes are also signature lotteries offered by the state of Sikkim.

Let us tell you about some of the most amazing lottery schemes.

Sikkim Dear Morning Lottery Scheme:

This scheme provides you with a chance to win a prize of around Rupees 25 lakhs every single day of the week. Believe it or not, it is considered as one of the biggest lottery schemes in the country. The ticket for the lottery costs not more than INR 6 which is why a huge number of people participate in the jackpot.

What makes this lottery scheme interesting is that each day’s draw is assigned a different name such as Dear Smart Money, Dear Starter Wednesday, Dear Waket Sunday, etc.

Puja Bumper Draws:

  • The Puja Bumper Draws are again one of the most sought after jackpots in the state, as well as the country at large. Though the state regulations restrict such draws to a limit of six per year, these bumper draws attract the attention of lakhs of people.
  • You can buy these tickets from an authorised retailer of lotteries. In case you have won a prize whose prize is greater than INR 10,000, ensure that you claim your money using a claim form.
  • Much to your surprise, Sikkim state lotteries have benefitted a number of people. In fact, some of them have even won more than INR 1 crore from the bumper prizes, thus making it the most preferred lottery scheme. For instance, the first prize from the Sikkim Shri Puja Bumper Lottery Draws 2019 amounted to INR 2 crore. Isn’t that a lot of money?

Yes, it may seem so! But if you really want to win a lot of money, you should be playing international lotteries, where the jackpots reach hundreds of dollars. Let us give you a glimpse of how you can play and win big with some of the best world lotteries.

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If you too are eyeing to buy a lottery ticket, look out for Lottoland since it is coming to India soon. Well, this only means that you too can expect to win big by playing online and spend the rest of your life lavishly.

All we can say is that happiness is finally coming to India. We surely are excited. Are you?

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