Relaxing Weekend Getaways Near Bangalore to Go with your Roommates


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Buzzing with businesses and acclaimed educational institutions, Bangalore is a hub of activity at all times of the day or night. If you are a student or young executive who have recently chosen to ake the city your home and have found the perfect 2 bhk apartment for rent in Bangalore, you are sure to be sharing your space with a whole new bunch of friends. One of the primary advantages of choosing shared accommodation in Bangalore is that you will always have friends with whom to explore the many vacation spots in the vicinity. Read on for ideas on how to spend your weekends when living with roommates in Bangalore.


Nandi Hills

Take a break this weekend, and kiss the clouds with your roomies. No, this is no figurative statement. You can literally walk in the clouds at Nandi Hills! Even for someone who’s not a morning person, leaving at the wee hours of dawn to marvel at the sunrise at Nandi hills, is worth it! If you can, going on a bike trip with your gang can be a thrilling experience (provided you take necessary precautions). You can enjoy paragliding, trekking and cycling, too. It is, hence, one of the best and closest relaxing weekend getaways near Bangalore to go with your roommates.


The rocks can give you a hard time on some occasions, but the caves make up for the whole experience. For the perfect trek recipe, offering a helping hand and making fun of your roomie, should both be mixed in equal quantities. A night trek with an overnight stay at the hills, with the golden light of sunrise from the top, and breakfast on your way back, is a brilliant idea for a relaxing weekend getaway with your roommates.

The Skandagiri hills is another trekking destination for a weekend getaway, with fort ruins dating back to the 18th century and the rejuvenating arms of nature’s beauty.


The Chunchi Falls are 2 to 3 hours away from Bangalore and are one of the most scenic falls near the city.

The Shivanasamudra Falls are at about a 3-hour drive from Bangalore. Located in Mandya district, on the river Kaveri, this is a popular weekend getaway near Bangalore. Two spectacular waterfalls called the Barachukki, and Gaganchukki are collectively referred to as the Shivanasamudra falls. You can also enjoy a coracle ride over the rushing waters at the foot of the waterfalls.

The Muthyala Maduvu Falls are only 43 km from Bangalore. Also known as the Pearl Valley Falls, its calm aura and relaxing greenery makes it one of the best relaxing weekend getaways near Bangalore.

The Hogenakkal Falls are one of the most popular weekend getaways near Bangalore. Hence, you can expect a crowd here. But if you visit the falls, you must go for the coracle ride with your friends and enjoy the cold water splashing over you as you move closer to the falls. A dip in the divine waters can wash away all the urban stresses.



Best known for the Mysore Palace (aka Ambavilas Palace) which is an exquisite asset of the city, Mysore is one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore. It takes around 3 hours by train to reach Mysore. Spend your weekend strolling around the city and acquainting yourselves with the culture, Mysore Masala Dosa, Mysore Pak, and visit the nature parks, museums and temples in the city rich with heritage.


Golfing is an elite sport that can be enjoyed and learnt at some places near Bangalore. You can explore some of the places that offer a weekend golfing experience.

Adventure is always a short drive away from your room for rent in Bangalore for bachelors. So strap on your backpack and get our roommates together for weekends which satiate the soul.

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