Recycle a Used Handset for Cash: Useful Tips and Tricks

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Individuals that end up purchasing new and popular smartphones are way too excited to worry about their old and dusty dialers. While being excited makes sense, finding a way to offload the obsolete hardware is also important, in order to gain a financial advantage. There are times when the resale cost is really substantial and can easily help users offset the existing price of the new gadget, to a larger extent. However, some people keep the old devices locked into the closet for reasons like screen cracks, dysfunctional keypad etc… What they fail to understand is that even a partially or completely broken device can fetch a decent amount of money, provided it’s recycled via reliable vendors. However, the old mobile resale value depends on certain factors, including the existing condition, current price point, market depreciation, handset color, and the reselling networks. However, many people go for mobile phone repair also instead of getting the mobile resale value.

How much can a Person Expect out of an Old Mobile Phone?

Needless to say, the mobile phone resale value certainly depends on the condition of the device and even the current age. However, the trade-in values are usually higher for the high-end devices and that too for the most popular color variants. If the device is in a good condition, it is advisable to sell it directly to buyers, in order to fetch a higher price. That said, devices which are still getting financed through select carriers cannot be traded for obvious reasons. While getting the right price for a used device is probably the toughest thing to contemplate, there are a few tips and tricks which can help individuals avail the highest trade-in or resale value, depending on the device.

1. Check for other Devices

A person who is looking to recycle or sell old mobile online must start raiding the closet for additional gadgets which need not be stored. This accumulation approach can help users identify certain devices which were long ignored and can be used for gathering some extra cash.

2. Choose between Cash, Credit, and other Options

There are certain online retailers that offer decent trade-in values, provided the handset is in a decent condition. Moreover, if the new device is to be purchased from the same online retailer, the price offset option can also be opted for. However, in that case, the extracted value is mostly on the lower side. If the seller is on the lookout for cash, it is advisable to opt for certain reliable online counters like Sell n Cash which have quite a few parameters for device evaluation. In addition to that, some individuals can also make peace with gift and payment cards, if they are looking to make different kinds of purchases.

3. Keep Looking Around

While there are a host of options available when it comes to recycling old mobile phones for cash, the best advice would be keep looking around and making preferential choices. Although direct buyers can offer a bit more cash as compared to online trade-ins, there are chances that buyers might change their minds at the last moment, keeping the sellers stranded for cash. The best option, therefore, would be to look around for the best bets, by comparing offers according to device condition and other parameters.

4. Understand the Procedure

A seller must be ready to accept the terms and conditions of a purchase. He or she cannot expect a desirable price point while putting across the device for resale. Moreover, it is advisable to be practical while recycling the used device as a person cannot keep expecting a fortune even for a high-end device that has passed its prime. The tentative price point also depends on the depreciation value of the concerned gadget. However, reliable online vendors like Sell n Cash offer the best price for a device, that is usually higher than what is offered in case of selective trade-ins.

5. Never Discard Old Devices

An individual who feels that a nonfunctional device might not fetch any cash often ends up throwing the same, mostly as trash. However, one must refrain from doing such a thing as even the most obsolete device can be of some use to a buyer and still make some cash. Moreover, throwing the devices builds up electronic waste which is detrimental to the environment.
A person can either recycle a used handset via select online vendors or sell old mobile online over counters like Sell n Cash. Whatever be the option, it is important to analyze the existing choices before trading the old device either for cash or some other form of payment.

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