Missing Teeth Replacement – Best Alternative Among All the Options


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It is very upsetting and dissatisfying when you are unable to enjoy delicious food served at your table. Imagining the scenario where I am unable to munch on my favorite delicacies is quite scary to me as I am a foodie. So, it becomes my priority to take care of my oral health and teeth always. But there are a few things that are unavoidable in life. One such situation that I faced in my life was when I visited the dentist and he told me that I will have to lose my two teeth from the lower jaw. It was really scary for me as it was the first time, I was undergoing tooth removal. More than the removal of the tooth, I was concerned about its replacement. Thus, here began my search for all the options available.

I found that there were two major ways of replacing my teeth. I could either have them fixed or removable ones. Removable ones they told me are like dentures, the ones that our “grandmas” use. So, I was a big NO for removable ones.

I found fixed teeth were possible in two ways, As a bridge or as dental implants.

Dental Implants: Implants are basically titanium screws that replace the roots of the natural teeth and then a crown is placed over it. It behaves exactly like a natural tooth. It can be put without disturbing the neighboring healthy teeth. They help maintain the bone level in the areas of tooth loss. A hole is drilled in the jawbone surgically. An implant is put in the hole. A few months later a crown is put over the implant. Sometimes the clinician may put an implant at the time when they remove the tooth. This helps avoid a surgery to put the implant later. This can be done only in case there is not much infection.

But the big question comes when you get to know the cost of dental implants. They are quite expensive in developed countries. For pocket friendly and reliable dental implant treatment, I searched the internet. I discovered that India is a growing medical tourist destination. When I further explored, to my surprise the cost difference in implant treatment was very remarkable. After searching the internet, I resorted to Dr. Madhvi’s Dental Clinic in the capital of India, Delhi. They have adequate infrastructure and patient friendly environment. I am blessed that I made the right decision.

When I returned from India after getting my treatment done at Dr. Madhvi’s Dental Clinic, my friends and family were very inquisitive about the process. It might seem very difficult but the team there helps you manage everything easily.

Surgery for placing implants in my jaw bone was, nonetheless, quite painless. It was a procedure that took around one hour and I was sent back to the hotel afterwards. I was able to go sightseeing the same day., just like any other dental procedure like fillings. I spent a week sightseeing in India and returned back. All of this happened five months ago.

I revisited them a fortnight back, for the second stage. This time my stay was for around ten days. They made a mould for my teeth on the first day, and put my crowns on the sixth day. Then they checked everything again the next day I visited a few more places and returned back on the tenth day.

Now let’s talk about the second option.

Bridge: It is placed by reducing natural teeth presents, alongside the empty space. An impression is made and a bridge with crowns after reduced teeth and full teeth with empty spaces is fabricated in the lab. Then they check the fitting in your mouth and send it to the lab for finishing. They paste this framework on your teeth later. Though this bridge is quite long lasting, the idea of sacrificing the strength of my healthy teeth by reducing their enamel was not very convincing to me. They told me that the enamel lost is replaced as a crown, but I was still reluctant.

Missing Teeth Replacement


I found that the bridge could be the first choice in a few cases of missing teeth. Just for example an empty space adjacent to a root canal treated tooth or teeth, which anyways are going to be crowned. Thus, it will be suitable to incorporate the missing teeth in the form of a bridge. Bridges are quite inexpensive when compared to dental implants.

Traditionally, bridges used to be the only available option for fixed teeth. People who suffer from bone diseases have loose teeth or shaky teeth. Bridges are not a good option in these cases. A bridge cannot be put with the support of teeth that have compromised bone support. This can lead to loss of supporting teeth. Dental Implants can be a miraculous escape for such people. Implants can not only restore the missing teeth but also it would help such people to chew efficiently.

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