Know your lucky color 2018 according to your Zodiac


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Title: Know your lucky color 2018 according to your Zodiac

Colour plays a vital role in the world in which we live. Even the mere thought of a colourless world disturbs our peace of mind. Colours can dominate our thinking and can effectively change our actions, moods and reactions. Some colours might give you a soothing and relaxing feel while some might simply irritate you. Colour therapy is trending nowadays and is used to cure a number of diseases. If colours can affect us so much, then imagine how effective they would be astrological. As per Indian Vedic astrology people of each zodiac sign has a unique favourable and unfavourable planet and in accordance with this every horoscope or zodiac has its lucky color for every year.

Zodiac signs and horoscopes play an integral part in our lives. They determine our personality, character and even our compatibility with other people. So, lucky color as per one’s Zodiac sign can also influence our life deeply. Below, you can read about your zodiac sign and find which is your lucky color for 2018 and which color you should use the maximum to change your fortune as per your Horoscope.

  1. Aries: The energetic Aries are known for their zeal, vigor and immense passion. Ruled by planet Mars, combined with an effect of Earth element, lucky color for Aries would be fiery red and earthy blue, which can bring excellent results.
  2. Taurus: The Bull has a penchant for luxury, beauty and they love to spend on extravagance. Ruled by Venus, Apple Green, and Vermilion Red would bring in the positive changes in the life of a Taurus. Wear these shades and see the difference yourself.
  3. Gemini: Associated with planet Mercury, for Gemini, this year colors like White, and Light Grey, hold a favorable promise. These colors will further give a push to their intellectual capacity and improve their communication abilities.
  4. Cancer: The emotional and sensitive Cancer have a love for subtlety and sophistication. With their ruling planet as Moon, Cancer will be positively affected by colors like Carmine Red, Aquamarine or Turquoise Blue.
  5. Leo: Sun is your ruling planet, so, fierce colors like White and Gold will surely bring you the outcome you desire this year. However, Light Green and Copper can also be favorable. You will come out with flying colors and become the center of attention by using these colors on important days.
  6. Virgo: Turquoise Green, and Cyan Blue, seem lucky for all Virgos out there.  Wear them on important occasions to get the desired results. Your hardwork combined with luck will bring some amazing results.
  7. Libra: Libra is ruled by Venus and are known for their beauty and charm. Colors like White, Green, and Blue, would be highly lucky for them and work incredibly in their favor. Go for White, Cream or Off-white, every Friday for better results.
  8. Scorpio: The passionate Scorpions, love everything black or white in life, and there is no scope for anything in grey. But, if we talk about their lucky color which will bring them good fortune, we suggest them to go for White or Prussian blue.
  9. Sagittarius: Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, have a penchant for royal and interesting hues. But this year, donning the earthy colors such as Khaki Green, could bring in some amazing results and good fortune. These colors will open doors for new opportunities.
  10. Capricorn: Ruled by planet Saturn, Pine, Green and Blue will be the lucky colors for the disciplined and earthy Capricorns. Your goals will be accomplished and you will find success in everything you do.
  11. Aquarius: For Aquarians, the best and the luckiest shades would be  Red, Apple Green, and Sky Blue. We also advise them to wear Midnight- Blue on Saturday for improved results.
  12. Pisces: If you wish to get good news throughout this year, you are advised to keep different shades Green near you. Keep them in any form, may be an apparel or an accessory and you will soon see the positive results.

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