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Ordinarily, the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 governs the marriage between two Hindus and there are similar acts for marriages between two Christians and one for marriage between two Muslims. However, in case two people belonging to two different religions want to get married, their marriage shall be governed by the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Still, there exists another act, which predates all the above mentioned legislations and is still in force, titled, “The Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act of 1937”. Arya Samaj Marriage certificate download is readily available online. The act also contains a prescription of how the couple must go about solemnizing the marriage. Unlike a traditional Hindu marriage, where assistance of an institution is not mandatory to carry out the marriage rituals, the ceremony for the Arya Samaj Marriage can only be carried out in a Arya Samaj Mandir by a qualified Shastri of that mandir. The Arya Samaj recognizes 4 primary stages in any human’s life- Brahmacharya, Ghruhasthashram, Vanaprashtha and Sanyasa, that is, student, householder, exile and enlightenment. A marriage, in the Arya Samaj, is an indication of transformation of people from the first to the second stage of life, that is, from Brahmacharya (student) to gruhasthashrama (married man with the responsibility of managing a household). The Arya Samaj marriage is the form that marriage that can be followed not just by Hindu, but also by people who have converted their religion to Hinduism by choice, or couples which involve an inter-caste marriage. Apart from these, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains can also voluntarily choose to get married as per the Arya Samaj marriage rituals.

The rituals are not very strict. Instead, as compared to a traditional Hindu marriage which is solemnized as per the Hindu customs and beliefs, the Arya Samaj marriage is relatively simpler. It also takes less time to get solemnized. The entire procedure takes less than 5 hours as compared to a Hindu marriage which takes several days and weeks for the various kind of ceremonies to get completed.

Several of love marriages in India have often been solemnized as per the Arya Samaj marriage custom. Since there is such a large number of people who choose to get married as per the Arya Samaj rituals, every year, the registration procedure for an Arya Samaj marriage is anything but complicated. The process is so easy that it can even be applied from online.

To get a marriage certificate for the Arya samaj, the couple will first have to make sure their marriage is conducted as per the rules of the Arya Samaj Mandir. On the intended date of the marriage, the couple will have to get an advance booking of the Arya Samaj Mandir. The Arya Samaj Mandir will require documents regarding the following:

  1. Identity card of the couple- The mandir would need to verify the identification proofs of both the parties to the couple. Any official document issued by the Government of India would suffice for this purpose.
  2. Birth Certificate of both the parties to the marriage- This is necessary in order to prevent and keep a check on under age marriages.
  3. If one of the parties to the marriage has been married previously, the Arya Samaj Mandir would require either the death certificate of the previous spouse or a divorce decree authorized by the court declaring the couple to be divorced would be required. This is because, ass under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, bigamy is not allowed, even under the Arya Samaj, bigamy is not permitted.
  4. Copies of recent passport sized photographs of the both the parties to the marriage would be needed.
  5. 2 witnesses from each side of both the parties would be necessarily required.
  6. Attestation of the officer is also mandatory. Such attesting officer must have actually attended the marriage.

Every state and some major cities in India have their own respective websites of the Arya Samaj Marriage process. The application form is easily accessible on all these forms. If not, the link to these forms is provided at least. The Arya Samaj Mandir keeps a record of all the couples who were married by their institution. The marriage certificate is also issued by them only. However, unlike a marriage certificate issued by a court of law, these marriage certificates are not conclusive proofs of law. However, they are similar to court issued marriage certificates in that lack of such a certificate does not make the marriage null and void. Also, Arya Samaj marriages are not outside the purview of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The benefit of this is that the certificate though prima facie proof of the marriage is not the only proof. If during the proceedings, the couple is, though evidence like wedding photos and invitation cards is successful in satisfying the court about the factum of its marriage, the lack of this certificate won’t affect the result of the case. However, it is still advisable that the couple apply for a court issued marriage certificate to the office of the sub-divisional magistrate or marriage registrar.

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