How to Maintain Car Paint for Years


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For sure, it feels great when you buy a swanky new car. Each time we leave our home and speed off, it gives us something to look forward to. But frankly, that feeling would diminish right away when you realize that your perfect car paint job is dulling deteriorating. It’s imperative to care about the interior of your car, but most of us overlook the exterior. That’s especially the case with high-end, expensive and swanky vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche whose value falls drastically with the not-so-impressive paint job.

Thus, the value of your vehicle somewhat depends upon the exterior paint job alone—after all. For obvious reasons, the car paint is the very first thing the eye is drawn to. And as we all know, the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, make sure you do what’s important to maintain your car’s paint job for upcoming years. Keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with some useful tips on how to keep your paint shiny and new. So let’s dive in;

All Cleaning Products Aren’t Universal

The effective solutions might be cheaper. But in most cases, they aren’t. Therefore, you should consider these decisions as light when you’re wondering what product you should be using on your Jaguar or Porsche. Frankly, using the dish soap won’t be a great idea. It can be challenging to find the right cleaning products keeping in mind the specific paint job as not all types of paint would respond well to numerous products.

In case you aren’t sure what cleaning products would be ideal for your vehicle, try getting in touch with a trusted automotive shop for car paint repair Dubai that will help find the best solutions. For sure, you won’t at all regret taking the precautionary steps to find the right product.

Avoid Using Quick Car Washes

One can’t overlook the convenience of drive-through car washes. Nobody addresses it; you’re in and out in 2-3 minutes. But did you know that those quick car washes – that you’re so much inspired with – harbor dirt and dust in their recycled water as well as giant sponges? Therefore, your car – in the end – experiences a scrub of dirt into its paint job further damaging it very quickly. Honestly, it’s the cheapest way to eradicate that “stubborn shine” out of your car’s paint that cost’s no more than a few bucks.

So what’s the solution to it? For those of you owning the high-end luxury vehicle, it’s imperative to either master car washing or maybe even take it to a specialist knowing best ways to maintain paint in an expert fashion. Beware! If you can’t do it the right way without damaging the paint, it’s better to let the experts look after it.


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