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In this era of online virtual stores, buying glasses online has become a quick fix for all your eyewear requirements but choosing the best online manufacturer of perfect eyeglasses becomes a headache. The thought of ordering a perfect pair of glasses could puzzle your mind with several questions.  However, the following guidelines may help :

1)          Selecting online manufacturer :

The cost of online eyeglasses has tremendously reduced due to elimination of middle-men and absence of high-end store’s maintenance-cost. Before plunging to order, quintessentially look for the maximum services offered such as quality of frames and lenses, accessible price, express delivery, try at home glasses, reglazing glasses, free returns, shipment and exchange.

2)          Selection of frame:

Wandering over from one online manufacturer to another leaves thousands of question rushing through your head regarding which color, design, rim style, shape, material and brand will compliment your personality and purpose. Frame selection depends on following factors :

  1. a)   Shape of your face : Compliment frames according to facial features, as stated:

 I . Round face : Sharp angled frames such as rectangular, cat eyes, aviator, dual tone and wayfarer with half-rim or full rim.

  1. Oval face:  Oversized and wide frames like square, aviator, wayfarer, tortoise shell, browline and rectangular looks suitable.

iii. Square face: Cat-eyes, wayfarer, oval, browline, round frames in rimless and half rim style

  1. Heart shaped face:  Round, wayfarer, oval in rimless style
  2. Diamond shape face: Oval, aviator, round, cat-eyes, tortoise shell in rimless style.
  3. Triangle face:  Browline, rectangle, tortoise shell and cat-eyes will suit you.

free try at home

  1. b) Material of frame : Frame’s material should be light-weight, durable, strong, flexible, hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant etc. Plastic frames in acetate, nylon and optyl are light weight and skin friendly, but breakable. Metallic frames including stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, etc. are stronger and long-lasting.
  1. c) Brands :  Eyeglasses should titivate looks and so branded eyeglasses excel the job of enhancing appearance with panache.  Branded designer glasses can accessorise outfits while showering desired glamor.

3)    Keep Prescription handy :

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Visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist, alternatively, book online appointment for conducting comprehensive eye examination to get prescription which contains: 

  1. a) Power strength of each eye for correcting refractive errors caused by myopia, hypermetropia,  presbyopia, astigmatism or diplopia.
  2. b) Lenses required for reading, distance, cylindrical, axis and prism.
  3. c)  Pupillary Distance i.e. the distance in millimetres between your pupils.

4)  Lens material: Lenses comes in single vision, bifocal, varifocals and photochromic. While the materials Polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index Plastic are superior than glass lenses, owing to light-weight, durability, thinness and scratch resistance characteristics. 

5)  Advanced Coatings : According to your requirements, choose anti-reflective, anti-UV and anti-blue light filter coated lenses for enhanced vision clarity and protection.

6)Customer Services: There is every possibility of uploading wrong prescription, incorrect details while placing order or receiving inappropriate power eyeglasses.  Give weightage to no questions asked free returns, exchange and refund policy.

6)  Payment and Delivery : Check out express delivery options and make payment.

Where Can I Buy Eyeglasses?

Buy glasses online from virtual seller who crafts the perfect eyeglasses with attached trustworthiness, positive customer reviews and ratings, observes highest manufacturing standards and offers fastest delivery like Specscart where eyeglasses for men and women undergo three points quality check at state of the art lab.


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Buy glasses online from the leading manufacturers only and reward your precious eyes with highest quality eyeglasses at affordable prices whilst you enjoy eye test, try at home glasses, reglaze glasses and express delivery at the comfort of your home. Never compromise when it comes to eyes, trust only the trusted seller.

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