Conclusive Guide On E-Verify Itr Through Atm Card

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ATM Card! Somewhat not just to withdraw money, it too can help you with E-Verification of your ITR.

Yes-Yes-Yes || You heard it right. Now, you can E-Verify ITR, online with the help of your ATM Card!

Note: Guest post! Yup, it’s a guest post. And not the exact views of our experts.

Thereupon, in order to learn all about the E-Verification Of Income Tax Return Through Demand Account Number or any other mode, visit the ignite visible LeadingFile — link mentioned at the second para || second phrase (Over the word E-Verify ITR).

In this digital world, E-Verify ITR Through ATM Card isn’t just a name; it’s is a never-ending online process.

Getting back to the topic: E-Verify ITR Thorugh ATM!

Generally, the verification facility is allocated by the few banks only. Further on, in order to visit that list, follow out the same anchor text.

Now, let’s move towards the steps which need to be followed out —

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Easy Steps To E-Verify ITR Through ATM Card

Following illustrated are the easy steps that one need to follow out for the E-Verification of your ITR (Income Tax Return) done via the ATM card.

01: At first, one needs to visit a particular ATM.

After going on the same, the person has to swipe up his debit/credit ATM card. After swiping, you will have to face the screen holding some options. Among all of these, you have to find and click – “Generate a JVC for e-filing or filing JVC for income tax filing” option.

After clicking on it, an EVC will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number. You should remember that for you to verify the ITR, you only want to use that EVS within 72 hours.

02: At second, one needs to visit the official website of the income tax department.

After this, log in to your account, otherwise, if you do not have an account then go to the “Register Yourself” button.

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After this, log in with aligned credentials.

Once logged in, a dashboard screen will be up to you. On which you need to follow the illustrated navigation, as follows: Dashboard >> My Account >> E-filed Return / Form

Over next, a screen will appear in front of you, which reflects your return. On top of that, you will find a link below; Click here to see your pending “E-Verification”.

03: Once you click on it, you will have to face all your pending returns. Not only the pending returns but also the final craze link, which will help you to E-Verify your especially pending returns.

After going to the ultimate lust tag, you will be redirected to the screen from which you have to select the EVC generation method.

04: Under this alternate step, you will have to face three to four options in the confidence of making an EVC. But you need to go with the option – 1 only / – that is, “I already have an EVC that e-verify”.

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On choosing the first option, you will be redirected to the EVC submit options menu page.

On this menu page, type 10 digit alphanumeric EVC, which you have received at your mobile number and to press the “Submit” button later.

05: All done! Now, you may download your ITR-V.


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