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Linksys WiFi range extender is well-known device in today’s scenario for amplifying the range of wireless signals incoming out from existing router. In case you own a big house or huge workplace then the main router of yours might not be able to fill the entire area with the safe and strong internet. As a result, WiFi cannot be accessed everywhere. The areas where you get no internet connectivity are known as dead zones and blind spots. The best solution to get rid of this annoying issue is to install and configure Extender Linksys.

For the setup and installation of your Linksys device, there is a need to access extender.linksys. To do so, simply launch a relevant and up-to-date internet browser on a computer or laptop and navigate to the Linksys extender login page (default).

For this, you have to type the username and password (default login credentials) to log in successfully. Once done, you can easily set up and install your Linksys device without any issue. Conversely, the extender must be connected to the main router in order to make the wireless extender setup process a success.

Moreover, for this purpose, you should know about WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) button of Linksys router and Linksys cloud account as well.

Linksys Router WiFi-Protected Setup (WPS) Button

Linksys router WPS button (WiFi-Protected Setup) makes it very easy to connect Linksys signal booster (extender). For this, you just have to press the WPS button and make a secure and reliable connection between the range extender and main router. After that, you can easily set up your Linksys WiFi booster without any hassle.

Linksys Cloud Account

Linksys cloud account is meant for accessing and managing all configurations settings of Linksys smart WiFi Router from any location. So, if you own Linksys router and wish to connect a range extender with it, ensure that you have a valid cloud account. Once created successfully, active and associate it with the main router.

Steps to Setup a Linksys Range Extender

A Linksys wireless repeater (extender) can easily be set up and install using a configuration CD or the manual steps. Well, a configuration CD comes with every model of range extender (when purchased). On the other hand, it includes detailed steps helping you configure and install the Linksys device for your home or office. In case you don’t have any installation CD then it is better to opt for manual configuration.

Here’s how to setup a Linksys range extender through light and smooth manual configuration:

  • Firstly, you have to turn on the Linksys range extender carefully.
  • Secondly, plug it into a damage-free wall socket. Remember, during the setup process, the electricity should be normal neither fluctuating nor high.
  • Wait for some time and let the LED light on your device become visible.
  • Once done, power on a load-free computer or laptop.
  • Now, what you are going to do is to pull up a relevant and up-to-date web browser of your choice and type in into the URL bar field.
  • After that, you have to hit the enter key.
  • Linksys WiFi extender login page will appear on home screen.
  • Fill in the blank fields and proceed further.

Note: The blank fields are “username” and “password”. You have to fill these login credentials by default.

  • Once you are done with it please click on the Login button.
  • A new screen will appear. Here, you have to select the manual option and enter security settings for your smart WiFi range extender.

After making all the configurations carefully, click on the OK button. Fab! Linksys wireless range extender and been setup successfully. You can now access internet from everywhere you want at home or office. So, if you get stuck at any step, feel free to reach us via toll-free number or comment section below and get all your issues resolved in a minimal of minutes.

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