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Concealer is the essential beauty component in our makeup pouch. It hides the skin spots, acne, and pimples. In addition, it also lightens the dark areas of the skin. Concealer blends perfectly and covers the blemishes visible on the face

Concealer is similar to the foundation. Concealer is more thick and pigmented as compared to the foundation. You can use concealer either separately or with the foundation.

When you use the best cruelty free concealer in the right way it surely gives you benefit but using the wrong or faulty concealer which is not suitable for your skin tone will instead give you worse looks. Let’s check how to get a perfect concealer and how to use it properly

Steps to get a right concealer

  1. Select a concealer shade that is lighter than your skin tone
  2. Select the foundation that conceals other skin areas
  3. Select the concealer shades with the season
  4. Use concealer as a highlighter
  5. Dark concealer shades for contouring
  6. Color correcting concealers
  1. Select a concealer shade that is lighter than your skin tone

The real purpose of concealer is to smooth the uneven skin or covering the skin spots or scars. Examine your face closely. Which area of your face needs to conceal. Mostly women have prominent dark circles under eyes giving inferior look. Always select a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to set these dark circles. Concealing with peach tone concealer will also diminish the under eye dark circles

  1. Select the foundation that conceals other skin areas

Always test the concealer in the natural light to get the best shade according to your skin tone. It sometimes happens that the shade you tested in the lights of the shop seems perfect but at home, you notice the change in the shade. So to avoid this, always test the shade in the natural light. The areas of the face which consist of redness and blemishes are perfectly covered by the concealer. Cover the rest of the facial area with the foundation that is in perfect tone with the concealer. If you have difficulty in selecting the shades of foundation or concealer then consult the beautician or makeup trainers to help you.

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  1. Select the concealer shades with the season

Weather conditions highly lay an impact on our skin and makeup as well. Such that, you need light makeup in summer for your bright skin whereas dark color makeup in winter for pale dry skin. So keeping this in mind you should go for two types of concealer the one for winter and the other for summer skin tone. While, in the spring and autumn seasons, you can mix these two shades to have perfect tone for your skin type.

  1. Use concealer as a highlighter

Concealer can also be used as a perfect highlighter for highlighting the specific features of your face such as the cheeks, down on the nose center, beneath the eyebrow, and the Cupid’s bow (outer border of upper lip). These areas become prominent upon the reflection of the light. Giving these features the uplift effects by illuminating them.

  1. Dark concealer shades for contouring

Contouring becomes famous in the makeup now. Several contouring kits and contouring components are available in the market for contouring the hollow spaces of your face like the jawline beneath the cheekbone, and the flat area on both sides of the forehead. Concealer can also be used for contouring these facial areas. Use a concealer that is two shades darker than your skin tone for the perfect contouring of these areas of the face.

  1. Color correcting concealers

These concealers make it easy to hide the spots or blemishes. Color correcting concealers is basically based on the color canceling practice intending to give natural look. Like if you apply the green concealer on the area with redness or a pimple then with the mixture of these two colors cancels the effects of each other. Thus covers red patches of the skin. Like this, other colors correcting concealers are also available in the market. Yellow color concealer conceals the uneven fade skin giving it a bright look. Pink and peach concealer is used to mask the blue under eye circles. Lavender tint concealer brightens the shallow and pale complexion.

So, before any delay finds the perfect and best cruelty free concealer for your skin and starts living a glamorous life.

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