Enjoy Fun and Pleasure by Planning a Honeymoon Trip to India


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India is one of the greatest destinations in India where you can spend memorable romantic moments with all partner. Lets us discuss few honeymoon destinations in India below

Andaman and Nicobar Island:

It is a group of island that is located off the East coast of Indian in the Bay of Bengal. It served like naval ports at the time of British but it is known for enchanting beaches as well as other blue water to enjoy for honeymooners. Then it filed with a lot of secluded romantic hideout as well as a number of serene beaches that makes a great location for newlyweds.


It is considered as a hill station in Kerala that is completely comprised of tea, coffee as well as a lot of green hills with straight winding roads that make more romantic. On the other hand, it contains a number of resorts as well as another top hotel to experience a natural look.

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It was considered as hill town by British according to its favorable cool climate. Once India got independence in the year 1947, the Kodaikanal converted as an important tourist place. It is situated around 21333 meters above sea level that is one of the most famous places for couples in India. This town is filled with a lot of hideouts like Croakers Lake, silver, several enchanting lookout points. Even you can explore a lot of natural places as well as stay safer with a natural look as well as views at all time.


Though is consider as the tea capital of India as well as also act enticingly romantic place for newlyweds. It is a place to start with fairy tale ride over part of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway as well as it is considered as UNESCO World Heritage site due to various locations. In this city, there is a number of honeymoon hotspot as well as other service makes every people enjoy a lot.

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Is home of French colonies in India as well as it is famous of beachfront as well as a lot of the water promenades. There are a number of the romantic hideout for newly coupled people as well as also find out a large number of the hotel as well as luxury place. Even it filed with a lot of site season place as well as fun activities for the new married couple.


It is another option for the couple to enjoy a hill station as well as it is filled with the Nilgiri Hills that is located in South India. This place comes below the British but in the 18th century. It is quite famous about the UNESCO World heritage Mountains railways as well as lakes, a number of peaks as well as other romantic places.


This tour place as belonging to the Punjab that is considered as one of the famous hotspots. Then you can enjoy a lot of attraction like hot springs, churches, colonials as well as other tourist places in a safer manner.

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Therefore newly couple plan trip in India that is safer as well as get a romantic feel to spend time with fin as well as pleasure at all time.

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