Dos and Don’ts to Crack NEET


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With less time for competitive exams to begin, you might have to crack out your brains. Yes with JEE mains preparation online you might have preparation in order, but still, there are some dos and don’ts that enable you to crack NEET.  Once you reach the last month it becomes crucial for revision of all your topics. Just trust your roots by working and improving concepts of each subject.

To prepare for NEET mains online here are the common dos

  • Trust your abilities- Trust on your abilities and prepare yourself accordingly
  • Development of a real time schedule- it is better to list down the topics that would be asked during the exams. Then plan the schedule and follow it strictly
  • Enough focus on the strong and the weak areas- it presents the correct time in order to analyse your preparation for NEET exams. The focus would be to deal with those areas that you face difficulty. Work on practice areas so that you can rectify your weak areas by the time exam approaches. In addition do not neglect the strong areas and continue with practice
  • Physical and mental wellbeing paves way for a healthy mind- a healthy mind paves way for a strong body. With exams the stress and anxiety level among students increase considerably. More the level of stress, more students tends to be demotivated. If you suffer from excess stress it can lead to anxiety in your exams. For this the students need to spend some time in toning their mental and physical wellbeing. The exercises will improve their concentration and contribute to their well being
  • It is better to join a mock test series- More the students are exposed to actual problems that arise before an exam, the better equipped they are to combat situations. Mock tests are a must to incorporate a real exam schedule before the actual exam starts. It will contribute to building confidence level in the students. They are able to analyse their scores and interpret silly errors. In addition the students can evaluate the time that they spend on each section

The don’ts

  • Do not pick up new methods or shortcuts- this is the right time to practice. Do not try to new methods or techniques in this short passage of time because it will lead to confusion. Instead utilize the time on what you have learnt till now
  • Keep your confidence levels high- because of poor scores in exam do not lose confidence. It is important that you do not press the panic button. This would have a negative impact on your performance and preparation. The students will have to give their best shot without worrying about the results
  • Procrastination is to be avoided- On your path to success procrastination can prove to be your biggest enemy. Start off the preparation on time and follow the time that is set by you. Do not postpone your preparation and a strong suggestion would not be to waste time.

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