Checklist to Identify the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Service Provider

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When you sign up for managed cloud hosting plans, your provider will create a virtual set-up for your organization and deliver resources and services vis-à-vis the cloud. So, if you can find the best managed cloud hosting service provider, you can enjoy all benefits of cloud hosting like flexibility, accessibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness along with support from a team of experts who can handle the infrastructure for you. So, choosing managed cloud hosting turns out to be an ideal choice for businesses which wish to be cloud-enabled, yet not keen to involve themselves in the logistics or ongoing requirements for maintaining such a system.

Things to look for when searching for the best managed cloud hosting service provider:

  1. One of the first things which you need to check for is the provider’s tech capabilities and networking prowess. So, unless your provider is capable, you cannot expect to get quality services. It is therefore important to make sure that your provider can give you services that you are looking for. The provider is good only when it can boast of reliable connections and redundant measures which can avoid costly disruptions. Besides, the provider must also carry out regular hardware and software updates as and when needed so that you can always enjoy the most advanced technologies.
  2. Before you sign up with the best managed cloud hosting service provider in the market, you must make sure that you have chosen the right cloud for your business. For instance, your business may need a private cloud when it handles sensitive data and applications. This solution will keep all your data in a virtual environment which can only be accessed by authorized personnel. The hybrid cloud, on the other hand, will allow your business to use both private and public clouds to your advantage. So, you will be able to keep sensitive data completely private and still enjoy the cost-benefits and other advantages of a public cloud.
  3. You must also consider security and compliance requirements when you are planning on signing up with the best managed cloud hosting service provider. The security aspect is particularly important when the business handles confidential customer data which needs to conform to industry standards and regulations. So, your cloud provider must be in a position to provide everything to guarantee both cyber security and physical security staring from necessary firewalls and scanning mechanisms to the security staffs guarding data centers.
  4. You can say a cloud provider is the best managed cloud hosting service provider when it can give you the best quality of services for the best rates. While low cost services are always tempting, they are not reliable and you can expect to face poor service quality. You should calculate how much your monthly expenses are likely to be and then see if that fits your budget. Although you are paying more to outsource, you will actually be saving in the long run. You can cut down on costs of training staff for maintenance, costs for maintaining equipments and hardware, their upgrades and repairs. Finally, you will also be able to generate more revenues when many of your resources are freed up and you can focus better on key business activities.
  5. To get the best managed cloud hosting service provider, you have to make sure that the vendor can offer you 24×7 technical supports because anything can go wrong with the infrastructure or networking at any time. Such problems must be fixed immediately by experts who know their jobs well. So, your provider must be able to offer supports when required and customers must get experts on-call. Besides, the provider must also arrange for disaster recovery solutions, backups and other redundancies. So, it is recommended that you check for the uptime guarantee the provider gives in its SLA.
  6. Another thing that you must check for to be sure you have found the best managed cloud hosting service provider is the online reputation of the company. You can speak with past clients to get their feedbacks and insights about the provider. You can also get references and review case studies while reading about impartial reviews about the provider.
  7. Managed hosting is going to influence your business significantly. It can make business operations quicker and smoother, making sure that you can cater to your client’s needs without having to invest a fortune. But managed solutions always come for a price. This is the factor that you are most likely to review when you are comparing multiple providers. While it may be a no-brainer that a cloud model is more cost-effective than a private data center, comparing costs among many cloud vendors is not an easy task. Moreover, you should never take a decision based on price considerations alone. There may be many hidden charges relating to cloud architecture, cloud migration and deployments which vendors may not share at the start in their price charts. Vendors have varying methods for charging their clients but it is advisable to choose a vendor which follows a pay-as-you-go model.
  8. Finally, you must inquire about the financial health of the cloud provider before paying up. You should ensure that it has a solid record of stability and is financially stable. So, it should have enough capital to sustain itself for the next few years.

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