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The advantages of having your own car have been well-documented. It is the most convenient and comfortable way to travel. The privacy, the security, and the freedom are unparalleled. From daily office commute to late-night weekend revelry and long road trips, having a car at one’s disposal means that transportation is just an afterthought. At the same time, the costs of acquiring a new car are quite discouraging. Down payments are hefty and car loan EMIs will haunt vehicle owners for years. Unless you are prepared to make huge financial commitments, car ownership remains a distant dream. However, ZAP’s car subscription is changing that scenario. Now you can have your car and keep your savings intact too.

No Down Payment for Your Car

The biggest reason ZAP’s ‘subscribe car program is attracting thousands of subscribers across the country is that there are no down payments involved. You will be literally saving on lakhs of rupees by subscribing to a vehicle and there are no hidden conditions.  

Dodge EMIs and Maintenance Costs

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The car loan is designed to suit the seller and not the vehicle owner. Your new car would depreciate in value with each passing day but you will be paying your EMI based on its premium price for years to come. ZAP’s subscription service, however, does not include this financial commitment.  Because of the limited-tenure subscription, all your costs are consolidated into flat monthly fees.

ZAP’s car subscription also takes care of the insurance so that is another cost that is not your headache anymore.

No Long-Term Commitments – Full Freedom

People who want to drive around in a car without having to commit long term will enjoy a car subscription. One can subscribe to a vehicle for only six months and the longest tenure is two years. Those who are curious about car ownership can start with subscribing first.

If you are in a new city or are not sure about your plans in the near future, a car subscription is an ideal choice. You will not be stuck with a vehicle to sell or transport in case you need to relocate.

ZAP subscribers also enjoy an additional perk which even regular car owners cannot boast about. Each car comes with access to 24/7 on-road support. This gives an extra security assurance especially important when you are going on long trips.

Drive the Latest Cars

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With a car subscription program, you can get to drive the latest cars in the market all the time. Many subscribers choose the short 6-month tenure and exchange cars when they renew. This wide spectrum of choices adds more excitement to the entire experience of driving around in a car.

Why should you break the bank to enjoy something as simple as driving a car? ZAP’s car subscription addresses this by promoting shared economy principles in a simple and transparent manner. Enjoy the privileges of car ownership without compromise and maintain your financial freedom too.

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