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Roku is one of the most famous streaming players or TV Box on the other side of the pond. Its success has led it to sell 5 million units. There are several models, the most basic being the BASIC we are going to talk about. We will also tell you how we can use and enjoy Roku and Netflix from outside the USA.

The Roku BASIC comes with a remote control with a cursor, playback controls and 3 preset channels: Netflix, Pandora and Crackle. This is the Roku Basic Edition, the basis of our streaming system; it includes a remote control, HDMI connection, A / V, Wi-Fi connectivity and allows the viewing of videos in 720p HD.

If we want more advanced models, we have the Roku 2 XD that allows contents in 1080pHD, for 80 dollars or the most recent model the Roku 3, which allows games like Angry birds (and a specific command), dual band of Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB .

Registration in Roku

For registering the device we can go to the Roku website for Set up Roku Player and register with these instructions:

  • Put a postal address of USA (anyone). The important thing is that the zip or postal code matches the city and state that you have put.
  • Then you have to enter your credit card information, in case you want to access some payment channel. The address and zip must be the same as the record.
  • Finally we have to link our Roku to the account. To do this we turn it on, we go to configuration, NETWORK, we put our Wi-Fi data, we check that it has a network and we are going to register ROKU. We get a code on the screen that we have to put on the web in our account.

As per the instructions of Roku TV Support, once this is done we can go to configuration and update the Firmware. It is important to do all these steps in order. If we register with a local DNS, or put an address here, we will get less channels and only the UK.

Roku channels

Insert channels-Channel Store

Once we have our Roku configured, we can go to the “Channel Store” and start installing channels. They are divided into different categories- New, movies, music, sports, technology, etc. Installing them is free. Once we enter the channel, it warns us if to see extra content you have to subscribe or not.

Premium channels are mostly paid; these channels are a minority in terms of quantity, since we are talking about 700 official channels and other so-called “private channels” that we can install by doing a Google search of “Roku channels or Roku Private Channels “.

These channels are all legal, since they have to be previously approved by Roku, what happens that many are not in the channel store. For this you have to put the channel code in our Roku account through the web page else you can chat with Roku Support, and they will install the next time we turn on the device.

Channel Store

The universe of channels available to watch with Roku is very broad. Here is a review of what we can find:

Netflix works with flat rate. There are 2 plans.  First one is the basic that costs 7.99 dollars / month and allows you to watch Netflix on 2 devices at once, including Tablet or Smartphone. The other plan costs 11.99 dollars and allows you to watch Netflix on 4 devices at once. I know what you are thinking. Make an account one, and share it with 3 friends or relatives. Or for example while your parents watch a movie on Netflix on TV, you can see another on your tablet in your room. In my case I have a half account with a family member. To register on Netflix, you have to put an American ZIP.

Hulu Plus
This is a channel similar to Netflix that works free with advertising if you see it from the web. If you want to access more content (and with less publicity) you have to contract Hulu Plus and pay 7.99 dollars per month. It is more focused on series and broadcasts many with seasons in the air.

Amazon Video
It is the hardest competition of Netflix. With an annual subscription to Amazon Prime of $ 79, about $ 6.5 per month, we will have access to thousands of films and series (catalog similar to Netflix), and also online video store (after payment for rent) for DVD releases. It has very little subtitled content; lately the batteries are being put.


In Sports we have the exclusive channels of the NBA, MBL, NHL and UFC. All are paid if we want to access live matches, replays, etc. Due to the strike of the Hockey players, this year the NHL has started later and have taken a season-long season ticket for $ 40.

The channel works very well, it’s super complete. It allows you to see matches live, selecting local or visiting commentators. You can see the entire season in deferred and the best matches in history for 50 years. You also have extra content, like watching 4 games on the web, slow motion.

Music, weather, news and other channels

  • Pandora: A kind of American Spotify. It works with radios of related artists. It works very well and the lists always put related groups and tops.
  • Spotify: You have to have the Premium version to be able to use it.
  • Amazon Mp3: Access your songs in the cloud and Amazon music purchases.
  • Tune in : Thousands of radios online
  • Time and news: From CNN International to BBC News or Fox News, the latter in deferred.
  • Plex: To transmit content from your hard drive and access streaming channels.

So that’s’ it for now. However, if you need any type of Roku Streaming Stick Help, comment below and I will be happy to guide you.

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