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Hi, my self Vikram Singh from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. I am a blogger with 3 yr. of exp.

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3 Board Games to Refresh your Drained Day

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204 ViewsHumans are counted as the busiest creature on the earth and we are getting more engaged day by day. But, there comes a time, when …


5 Ways to Crack Your Job Interview

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209 ViewsStanding at the point where you have successfully graduated or you are thinking to switch your job, then it is not as hard as you …


7 Gaming Categories to Try Out Today

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285 ViewsGaming isn’t just about entertainment and amusement. Even, gaming also benefits us in various ways, like increasing the rate of concentration, enhancing memory, and improving …

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Entering the Magical World of Ethereum

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192 ViewsThe revolution that cryptocurrencies brought had changed the world in many ways. Bitcoin was the first virtual currency, which gave the influential push to this …


How to Get a Satisfying Job in the Present Competitive Era?

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194 ViewsI have created and uploaded my profile and resume and ready to get the whole bunch of interview calls and job offers.” “But, it’s been …