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Are you about to launch a mobile application? If yes, you should read this article to get know features that your app must have. Frankly speaking, we are giving you top six features that lay foundation for your app’s success.

So, check out if your application possesses these below-mentioned features.

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Simple use

It is every important to keep the application convenient to use. User interface is the most important feature of a mobile application. If your customers find it hard to explore things, to reach out other sections in your app, they will switch to another application. All the categories must be easily accessible. Whatever the functionality is-the simple it is delivered, the better you serve your clients.

Android and iOS

Your application must be functional on both the platforms such as Android and iOS. Both the platforms are widely used. So, in order to capture the attention of your targeted audience, the application should be designed and thoroughly tested on each platform.

Faster loading of web pages

Pages of the applications must not keep users waiting. They must appear on screens in the shortest time possible. Slow loading of pages can be rectified at your software development’s department end.


Security is one of the vital issues. You have to assure your customers their private information is safe with you and that will not be leaked. In order to assure customers, you have to integrate certain tools that offer optimum safety.

Offline work

Your application must work in offline mode. It is good to keep certain features for online mode. But, some basic features must work offline mode so that users can access the application even if the signals are weak.

Support and updates

If you want the application stand out of crowd, you need to prioritize support and updates. You have to make sure the server, content is up-to-date, and to provide only relevant information on your website. Along with this, you should launch updates periodically to provide customers better user experience. This will help you build a good customers’ base across world.

Search filters

You should ponder upon creating an intuitive system of search and filters. The search bar directs your customers to the page that they are looking for.

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