5 Inexpensive and Fun Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas


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The celebration of Love can’t be ordinary. You can’t go off of love and be casual on Lover’s day as it demands something special. Among all the happy celebrations of the year, valentine’s comes with its unique pressure as a bad Valentine’s day date can cause some serious relationship issues. All the glittering store displays and expensive magazine articles inspire the expression of love as a fancy bouquet, expensive jewellery or a big box of gourmet chocolates. With all these big, bleaming “Spend” signs all around you, if you show up with nothing but a warm smile and a handwritten note, then it might send a message that you really don’t care.

Well, you must have heard that love is not measured in dollars and expression of it doesn’t have to be at the cost of your annual budget. But still you need to be a little creative with your VDay celebration that suits your budget too. Think outside your heart-shaped box and plan for an amazing Valentine’s day celebration. Here are 5 ways you can show your sweetheart that you are not a money person but lovable.

A Mixtape or a Playlist:

Ahh, a mixtape- you maybe hearing about it after a long time. A mixtape used to be the most romantic gesture exchanged by couples in the old times. A mixtape is a collection of music that speaks your heart out in the form of lovely lyrics. The selection, order and flow of songs tells about the intimate knowledge of the recipient. This lovely gesture was lost with the tape but you can still modify it to modern media. The emotion will still be soul-savvy.

Go For a Valentine’s day hike or a Picnic:

What could be a better way to celebrate VDay other than spending the whole day with the love of your life. Most parks are free and there are plenty of websites and apps from where you can find some local hikes. Hunt over the Internet for your suitable place with a nice view, arrange transportation for that and enjoy a day amidst the nature. If it is a little far away, then hire a minibus, pack all your things up and go for a road trip. It will also be a new experience for both of you.

Cook for her at home:

If you are not an outdoor kind of person or the weather is not in support then also you can easily turn a regular night into a surprisingly romantic night for your girl. Food has always been a straight road to a person’s heart. Cooking together is a good excuse to spend time together which is away from all the hustle. So pick out a good recipe that also takes some time and uses the ingredients available on a monthly budget. Decorate your place with a valentine theme, buy her favorite flower bouquet and some chocolates to woo her.

Ditch the store bought dessert and bake your own cake:

Baking a cake is not that hard. In fact, it’s the most lovable action one can do for his/her significant other. There’s just especially something extremely romantic about a delicious dessert But you have to be a little more creative when it comes to a special Valentine cake.

Think of some handmade or creative gifts to exchange:

Homemade gifts are not only a big money-saver but they are also special in their own way. A handmade valentine card or a scrapbook with all your lovely memories is as loveable as an expensive jewellery.

So what are waiting for? Love is already in the air and waiting for you two to breath in happily.

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