3 Big Reasons Why Bespoke Furniture is Becoming More Popular


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When it comes to furnishing your home, there are now many options beyond simply walking into your local store and picking out the best-fitting pieces. We’ve even come to a point where buying off-the-shelf may not be the most convenient way to get new furniture. Indeed, bespoke or customised furniture is now gaining ground as a viable option for customers. These can be traced to three important factors. Read on to know how they contribute to the popularity of bespoke furniture. 

The High Quality of Native Wood

In Australia, there has been a rise in the use of local native timber in the manufacturing of furniture. This is thanks to easy access to these woods, as well as their general high quality. One of the most popular of these local woods is Marri or red gum. This variety of timber has been in use by indigenous Australians for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. These days, however, it is also recognisable for its increasing use in the furniture industry, thanks to its fair maple-like colour with distinctive dark ripples. You can even easily get in touch with creators of Marri furniture Perth customers trust due to its growing popularity. 

The High Quality of Native Wood

Meanwhile, another commonly used native timber is Jarrah, which has a darker colour that’s reminiscent of mahogany. Despite being a bit rarer due to its status as a protected species of wood, it’s still become a popular choice among builders and furniture makers, thanks to its even and beautiful reddish hue. Along with other locally sourced woods, Marri and Jarrah make for high-quality raw materials, while also opening up another avenue to support local industries. Indeed, their presence and availability are key factors for the popularity of custom furniture in Australia. However, how they’re used also factors greatly into pushing bespoke furniture into the spotlight. 

Impressive Potential for Personalisation

The important thing to remember when considering bespoke furniture is that whatever you think up can be built. This doesn’t just provide benefits for aesthetic concerns. In cases where ready-made furniture just won’t fit, you can get reputable furniture makers to fabricate custom-made pieces that perfectly match your space requirements. Indeed, custom furniture can allow you to fill in spaces that are either too cramped or even uniquely shaped. For example, you can have specially made furniture to completely fill in a rounded space. 

Alternatively, you can also make smart use of existing space by adding some utilitarian features to some pieces of furniture. Some examples include adding built-in folding shoe racks to your cabinet or hidden drawers under your bed. However, the possibilities for customisation won’t be possible if there weren’t a cost-effective means to make them happen. 

Modern Furniture-Making Developments

Simply put, technology has made it easier for all sorts of furniture makers to carve a sizeable niche. Most notably, the accessibility of computer-aided design (CAD) has made it easier for designers to execute even the most complicated of ideas. What’s more, this has also allowed for the pricing of customised bespoke furniture to be more competitive with that of their ready-made counterparts. And it’s not just the manufacturing process that’s being impacted by recent developments. The ubiquity of the internet has also allowed designers to stay in touch with contemporary tastes in furniture. This has also consequently made it easier for people to get in touch with creators of bespoke furniture. 

Modern Furniture

If we think of our homes as extensions of ourselves, then ready-made pieces of furniture are far from accurate representations of our respective individualities. And combined with the above factors, bespoke furniture truly has more character and expressiveness that just can’t be matched by mass-produced pieces of wood.  

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